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Hey all! I was wondering if there are any nurses with ADD/ADHD out there who want to comiserate and support each other? I know I need the help/advice. It might also be a place for "regular" people... Read More

  1. by   cassiemassey
    Im glad I found this page. I've had a pritty severe case of ADD seince childhood. In my early adolescence I maintained better control useing the Finegold Diet, and behavior modification. In the classroom especialy my grades went up but socially 'foot-in-mouth' syndrome will always be a problem. on the upside Ive developed great people skills at smoothing things over becouse I screwed up the social things so often. Point is I contribute my ADD as a blessing in some areas of my life, but I'm worried that it may be effecting my nursing practice. I just got a job at the local community hospitals ICU, and I'm worried how I will do in such a critical setting with this level of impulsivity and distractablity. I'm considering medication for a few months, if it works well, until I can figure out how to manage in this new setting. My goal would to be able to get off the meds again eventually unless it cant be done safely for my patients. any advise? what if im sedated durring orentation? (adderall in particular used to sedate me years ago) What if my co-workers find out im on an amphetamine? ect. plz help. Ive looked forward to the chance to break into critical care for the majority of my career and dont want this aspect of myself to jepordize my dream job.
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