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Pearlgirl has 18 years experience and specializes in Acute, LTC, Home Care.

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  1. Pearlgirl

    CNA During Nursing School Worth It?

    If you already work at a hospital and they would reimburse the course at approximately $1,500 or more, go for it. There are many hoops to jump, however, including pre-qualifications, required uniforms and equipment. Once through the course, pass online questions and demonstrate skills for instructor. This, and starting out as a new CNA may be more stress than anticipated as you will have a state certification on file. You would learn much in class and on-the-job at low earnings. My experience is that many other occupations with less requirements pay much more! If you work in a hospital you may learn just as much without the rigorous class schedule and testing. It's much to uphold for $9-$11 an hour. Best wishes.
  2. Pearlgirl

    Daily??? Newer nurses need "stand up" help!

    Yup, this is the truth. Too bad we aren't totally prepared for these situations coming out of Nursing School. "Disruptive Behavior" is coming to the forefront in Health Care,and we must monitor WHERE we take someone aside because this person is already rude and the conversation could escalate. Yes, I do agree it should be done in front of everyone -- just make sure it is out of ear shot of patients and guests. Like the post before yours, the person mentioned that if you don't initiate support, you will be the one getting written up, and the person violating the code of conduct is invited for afternoon tea with the Director:biggringi . The good news is remembering what goes around, comes around, eventually.
  3. Pearlgirl

    Nurse's Aid acting as a Nurse

    yes, she probably knows she is out of her scope of practice. however, i remember the beginning of the story when the na stated, "well a lot of the other nurses appreciate it when i do ____ and trust me do ____. maybe that's true when you develop solid teamwork and strong relationships -- but this blurs boundary lines and makes for too much inconsistency. this issue detracts from a smooth-running floor where rules and structure benefit people, because everyone knows exactly what is or is not expected from them. i know people want to go home on time, and nurses definitely deserve respect with the ability to delegate. it gets too confusing as to who does what for whom; therefore, it would be a better business practice among employees to implement fair expectations across-the-board.
  4. Pearlgirl

    OR nurses & students

    Thank you! Must be a blast working with you!:biggringi :balloons:
  5. Pearlgirl

    Nurses with ADD/ADHD?

    Yes, I understand. A very good friend of mine said, "yeah, everyone has ADD/HD, just to varying degrees...it only amounts to one's learning style." It wasn't until after I left that my instincts began alarming. Even when I called a social service agency I was told, "Well, ADD isn't a real diagnosis." My own psychiatrist who prescribes ADD medication, doesn't even have my case file documented as ADD, only some conditions that result from it.
  6. Pearlgirl

    Nurse's Aid acting as a Nurse

    Agree. Employees need to CORRECT the implication by stating EXACTLY what their role is, otherwise it is illegal to impersonate.
  7. Pearlgirl

    do you feel like the CNA's run the floor?

    well said!
  8. yes thank you for pointing these things out. whether this situation, or any other, we all need to learn to be supportive of one another, in order to help erase nervous anxiety -- so that we can focus on priority #1, our patients for gosh sakes. when we practice compassion with each other, we will give better care to our patients by (keeping our frame of mind and) demonstrating compassion toward our patients with a peaceful atmosphere. patients do hear us when all the "gobbledygook" goes on, and it leaves them feeling forgotten with a host of mixed emotions, which they don't need. we have got to "get over" ourselves and get fired-up over the victories that patients have, instead of pouring too much energy into negativity. thank you shasta for remembering how you felt back then i hope luv gets to orient with you when the times comes.
  9. Your perception is that you felt humiliated, Luv2shoppe85, and I would too. The fact that you have ADHD may contain some impulsivity, and, now that you are aware you can keep it in check. Regarding the age differences mentioned previously, I think you were pointing out the fact that you felt belittled. KNOW that having ADD or ADHD will possibly trip you up in vocabulary, speech and actions, so be very cautious and direct with choice of words AND your facial and body language -- they may not accurately express your true feelings. There is a heavy social price to be paid when people misunderstand you! Choose carefully...everything these days (esp. w/the uptight) is a "play on words." Now you have seen how some people seize the moment when they RUN and TELL and earn a few brownie points while they are at it. Did you notice the instructor believed it without asking you? Move ahead my friend, you didn't get this far for nothing. Please look into your local chapter of CHAAD and understand your gifts. Cheap lesson to get it in Nursing School compared with what it might have been on the job. Best Wishes, Pearly
  10. Pearlgirl

    New nurse on MEd/surg with ADHD need tips

    hello dawn, congratulations! i too have add and through experience, learned what works for me. if you take a good report, chart as you go, then prepare for report..........ahhhhh. use a highlighter and different color inks if you need to, the information will be clear, and you will sound as intelligent and brilliant as you really are. if you could do a working lunch break and take 20 minutes to compare your notes with the computer records (uninterrupted i hope ) that will solidify each patient's story. also the idea of being mentally prepared as well as the tangible information is very helpful. practice in your mind as you assess the patient, how you will present the "pictures" for the oncoming shift nurse. best wishes, pearly
  11. Pearlgirl

    Need Advice!

    I try to go "to the Throne" and not the "Phone." If prayer is a part of your Spiritual life, that would be my suggestion, and He will lead you. However, the organization I work for values Honesty, and in your case, it's also a matter of wisdom, since some schools tend to be overly political. Follow your gut instinct after praying about this, and, "do the right thing."
  12. Pearlgirl

    need advise Hospice in Michigan

    Dear Minette: First of all I want to say I am so very sorry to hear of your Father's condition. I know it must be even more difficult when he seems to get better at times then decline. Really this is all about him so I am just sorry to hear there has been so much friction put upon you and your Mom. Being a caregiver is not only hard work, but can bring about such an emotional toll even without these unnecessary problems. I have a story of our own regarding our Dad when he was in his last weeks of Cancer, so I'll suffice it to say that I truly understand how it feels to be in this delicate situation. Grieving is made more difficult when there are extra obsticles in the way of dealing with the loss (or process of losing) a loved one. Best suggestion I have is to check with another chapter of Hospice and see if you can switch and just start on a clean slate. I don't think I would go into any detail (with them) but try to focus on all those angels who touched your Dad's life with their special love of Hospice patients. Best wishes and God Bless you, J.