How many nurses take antidepressants or antianxiety medication? - page 8

I was wondering and it seems to be quite prominent. Nurses seem to have to take medication alot. Mine started in nursing school. Of course I was a single mom of two, going to nursing school, building... Read More

  1. by   GPatty
    About 3 weeks previous to finishing my last semester, I called my doc in hysterics. I couldn't remember a thing, a wouold cry at the drop of a hat, or just scream at the kids or hubby. I couldn't take it anymore. It took me getting to this point to call my doc and get an appointment.
    Even sitting in her office, I broke down in tears, couldn't sit still....I was a mess.
    She prescribed Effexor 75mg, Xanax 0.25mg prn, and (judging from her viewpoint with concentration issues) Ritalin (very low dose- I can't remember the mg though).
    I took the Xanax one day during an acute episode when I felt very antsy, and then generally took it to help me sleep at night (wasn't sleeping either).
    The Ritalin I took in the Am to help me focus and to study for my finals.
    In the ensuing appointments, my doctor tested me for ADHD (grandson is ADHD- we are raising him-I never thought I was too!) and I am now on Strattera 80mg qd and am continuing the Effexor. She says that I have probably always been ADHD, but the depression and stress exacerbated to the point I was at when I was in her office crying. Doc says we will up the Effexor to 150mg if need be (just found out Mom has oral cancer, and she had surgery the 11th- pretty bad times).
    Right now, I'm ok. Life continues to be fast paced, and things are tough, money is tight, and family is....well, family, but I am making it. And I will continue to make it. My mind is clearer and thoughts aren't as jumbled. I find I can read and remember WHAT I read past the next sentence. I remember conversations with my Mom's doctors and am able to think past the next 10 minutes.
    Compared to what my life was beforehand without my meds, I will happily stay with them as long as need be.
  2. by   pywon8
    I been seing student having depression in my hospital as they cannot cope with the hospital working environment and normally the headmistress will terminate the student to prevent the condition worsen. some of them even end up with suicical event in the college. Normally the college will some how close the case silently. However there are few of my friends also had depression after become register nurse and they been taking antidepressant drug like zoloft, valium or dormicum from the doctor. I think nurses take antidepressant or antianxiety is common as we all are dealing with patient life, patient relative and the doctor as well. :wink2: