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  1. by   Liddle Noodnik
    Quote from Michigan RN
    Ok, I started off the day a bit early, around 630am. I did my DanceDance Revolution playstation game for 30 minutes. I went to the grocery store and walked around for a bit. I did my Jackie Warner dvd yesterday, upper and lower body and I'm not doing lower body until Friday when I am off because my legs are soooooooooooooo sore. I wish I could get my eating under control. Sometimes I really think I am addicted to food, I'm not sure. Anyhow, had the "wonderful" idea to make a dutch baby pancake, don't know if you know what that is. Its basically 1/2 cup flour, 3 eggs, 1/2 cup milk mixed and baked in an cast iron skillet. It probably wouldn't have been bad had I put some fruit on it but I ended up sprinkling powdered sugar and lemon juice on instead. Well, I'm off to bed for a long nap before work tonight.
    I KNOW I am addicted to food. Unfortunately I use it for my solace in stressful situations (like, now, for example)

    ((((((((( Michigan )))))))) you are on the right track!
  2. by   Tweety
    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Yep . . . .I was very judgmental as a teenager. But 4 babies (the last by cesarean) means a jelly belly.

    Interesting how what goes around, comes around. I swore I would always have a flat belly, would never get a pot belly....then I turned 40. sigh.......
  3. by   RN1982
    So I've been eating better the last few days. I was gonna work out yesterday but I was exhausted. My legs and arms were very sore from doing the new dvd I bought. Anyhow, I work tonight and I'll be going to the gym in the a.m.
  4. by   Tweety
    Good job Michigan. Keep up the good work!!!

    I worked out yesterday and hope to today after work as well.
  5. by   RN1982
    I've been quite lazy the past two days mostly because I've been stressed out over some insurance bills I got in the mail. One from the lab at my previous employer for duplicate charges, which I finally just got taken care of. It was a big mistake. Well, their mistake was my panic attack. The other was from some doctor I saw three years ago and I know I paid that idiot because after my insurance deductible I had to pay the rest. I called that billing company and they said that they were just helping the office get organized. That's nice and good because when I was there three years ago, they surely needed it. The doctor was god awful and rude. He kept stepping out of the exam room to answer his cellphone. Granted it could have been about a patient but I wasn't that understanding then. Ugh. My panic attack is slowly subsiding. Hope everyone has a wonderful monday.
  6. by   Tweety
    Dealing with red tape can indeed be frustrating can't it.

    Taking the day off from the gym because my 8-hour day turned into 10 and I went yesterday.
  7. by   Tweety
    I'm having papaya for breakfast and some cereal. Yummy, but I really haven't been good on diet and exercise the the last few days. Lazy is all it is. I do have a self-sabbatoge streak, I need to learn to get over.
  8. by   RN1982
    Well, just got home from work. I went to Mcdonalds and got an Iced Mocha. Yeah, I know, not that nutritious. I wanted coffee though and plain old coffee wasn't cutting it. Electricity is FINALLY up and running after being without it for almost 5 days. So today, i'm going to the store to get groceries, going to clean my condo then get my hair cut and maybe play ddr. I'm also reading "chicken soup for the dieter's soul". Its a very good book.
  9. by   gentle
    Hi everyone,

    I'm just checkin in to say, I'm still alive. School is finally out for the boys and I am ecstatic. We will continue reading and some summer educational activities but nothing like the school year: no homework.

    Not too much exercising done over here. But, hey, the family and I are still alive so that's gotta count for something, right? Well, I think so.

    I've been taking the kids to the pool and trying to improve my swimming technique and gain more stamina. Geez, that's hard. I tire out very quickly.

    My weight is yo-yoing these days due to the lack of exercise and the desire to eat cookies. I am still eating my avocadoes which I love, though.

    I gotta go to bed. I'm beat from work today. I hope everyone is doing well. Goodnight.
  10. by   RN1982
    OMG!!!!!!!! I got on the scale today. I know I shouldn't have but was just so curious. I've been awful these past weeks and have just consumed anything I could get my hands on. I felt totally disgusted with myself yesterday. Today, I went for a walk in the park by my condo. They have a trail that goes around the tennis court and football field. I think it is over a mile in distance. I did it once around and I plan on walking it tomorrow after I get off work.

    I just felt totally disgusted. I've been reading "chicken soup for the dieter's soul" It's a very good book. Many different experiences people have had with dieting.

    One entry from a woman said she chose to put all that fast food in her mouth and now she has to choose to NOT put it in her mouth after someone pointed out to her that she has "too much food in her".

    I'm sick to death of making excuses for my fast-food eating habits. I am choosing not to put that crap in my mouth from now on.
  11. by   hikernurse
    Michigan, I love collagevideo. Anything that is doable and makes you sore, I'm all for.

    I think I'm addicted to food, too. It brings a lot of comfort, except not really . But, I've been "smart" enough not to step on the scale. Although, you sure can't solve a problem until you face it.

    Took a three mile walk with the children last week. It takes forever with them and we stopped for ice cream (I did have a kiddie scoop, though--and enjoyed every bite) in the middle. But, I'm still counting it. I did get to the gym once.

    Papayas sound good. Sheesh, Tweety, I get more ideas for healthy food from you .

    And a big shout-out to my friends Gentle, Spidey, and of course, Zoe .
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  12. by   Spidey's mom
    Hi hikernurse and the rest of you healthy folks!. . . . . I fell off the low carb wagon last weekend. Ate some cookie dough ice cream. :imbar

    I've been good all week - no time for exercise though.

    I sometimes think liposuction would do the trick . . ..

  13. by   hikernurse
    Quote from Spidey's mom
    Hi hikernurse and the rest of you healthy folks!. . . . . I fell off the low carb wagon last weekend. Ate some cookie dough ice cream. :imbar

    I've been good all week - no time for exercise though.

    I sometimes think liposuction would do the trick . . ..


    Yeeaaahhhh . All that is standing between me and thindom is a whole lotta money and time in the OR and recovery, LOL. Of course, that doesn't do much for fitness, but I could fit into my old clothes .