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Health Safety! Passed it!! Frekkin Yeaaaaa!!! LOL

Hey Fellow Professionals, :jester:

Today i took the plunge and finally took that darned Health Safety after much procrastination (re-scheduled 4 times...sad i know)...I went in saying "What have i got to lose?....Oh yea...Money..haha" :Dand did it...now i must admit some of those questions were kind of tricky:confused: but i pulled through it and passed! I was like "Frekkin yea i CAN do this...Bring it on Excelsior...Bring...It...On!!!!!" :cool:Okay im done ...have a dandy day one and All......lol


Raggedy Ann

Specializes in Med surg and Psych.

congrats! how exciting.... i remember i rescheduled my first one many times, and then the other ones i scheduled, studied, took the first practice exam, and studied what i was weak on and then took the second practice exam and the real exam soon after,and i did fine all of them. lunah was a great support even back then, so glad she is still on here.:p

Thanx Dahling! *wine

Yea im totally pumped...this forum is so encouraging i must say...without this site I KNOW i wouldnt have gone this route....but you guys keep "us" inspired! PAY IT FORWARD......:nmbrn:


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Pixie.RN, MSN, RN, EMT-P

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The first exam is the scariest. I did A&P first, it's a wonder I didn't quit right then! LOL. No, seriously ... once you figure out how best to study and learn, then take a few tests, it gets addictive! Keep it up. :)


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The first one is always the hardest but once you pass you gain so much confidence - Congrats and keep it going!!!! :bdyhdclp:


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