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Where do you get the decorations (posters, etc) and health resources (pamphlets, etc) for your school's health office? I have to set up and decorate my office and not sure where to start?I'm going to check my local health department, but any other ideas for good websites/resources for free/cheap posters or public health info??


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I think it just depends on what you're looking for exactly. Sometimes I print things I find online, some things I order for free from our state health dept, poison control etc., some things I buy from a teacher supply store (like bulletin board border etc). I actually keep it simple with just a few things posted & rotate most of it out seasonally.

I bought canvases and had my own kids and nephews each paint whatever they wanted. I always get compliments on my art work. I also do a canvas of the kindergarten class' handprints each year and those hang in a row towards the ceiling in my room. I went for a more kid friendly less medical look in my room.


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Try "school health." Does your district reimburse your purchases?

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i have some health posters from school health - i'm on a nutrition kick for portion control this year. I also have a few freebie posters that I got in some promo stuff that was mailed to me - dental stuff from colgate and nursing stuff from johnson and johnson.

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You can go to the Carson Dellosa web site and they sell bulletin board items and inspirational posters, etc. They have several health related themes that you can buy to spiffy up your clinic.

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School Nurse Supply has some and if your order is over a certain price you get free posters about Diabetes, Asthma, etc. with their little owl mascot on it.