Health Assessment Breast Exams

by Nu2it Nu2it (New) New Student

We’ve all seen the posts and my question is has anyone actually had to preform or had preformed on them a peer student breast exam in nursing school? We are doing them in a few weeks and people are already starting the rumor mill. 

Rose_Queen, BSN, MSN, RN

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Nope. Can you imagine the liability? For breast exams, models were provided (not real people, but simulators). Now if this is an NP Program, there may be medical models hired. These are people who are paid to provide the clinical experiences for students to do exams.

Honyebee, CNA

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No, there are no breast exams and perennial exams that I'm aware of. 

Just wrapping up OB now, we did "breast exams" on various breast shaped foam and or silicon props that had tumors staged at various points.  We had similar props for testicular exams.