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HCR 240 prerequisite


Did anyone who took HCR 240 at Rio Salado complete A&P or microbio at a different college? I took both classes at a different college, got an A in both, submitted my prerequisite approval form but I can't seem to enroll. Other prereqs I need for other classes at this school have been approved and I can't get any help from calling the school about this. I'm wondering if those prereqs have to be done at Rio? I can't think of any other reason I'm not able to enroll. Did anyone else have trouble with this?

I took HCR 240 before completing micro...the pre-req for HCR 240 is EITHER Bio 202 or Bio 205, but not both. I was able to enroll easily in it, but I had to phone Rio to enroll so that they were able to confirm my transcripts were sent I took the pre-req (you cant enroll via their website for the class, you have to call their registration line).

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Call their program advisors directly. I could be a glitch in the system, or it could be they don't recognize your classes. I took all mine thru Rio, so not sure exactly, but I can't see why they would decline you.

Here's the link:

Academic Advisement | Rio Salado College

Thank you both! I've been calling the past few days and am geting the run around. I'll try the advisment number

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Rio has these issues. I was told I need to take placement testing (for math/reading etc.) to enroll in some basic class a few years back. I then informed them I didn't because I already have my BS degree (they had my transcripts, but didn't bother to look first). There response was "oh you don't have to then". With them I always went down in person to register because some problem would pop up trying to do it online/calling. You did transfer your transcript to them I assume? Anyway, best bet for Rio, for me, was to always register in person, I've taken like 4-5 classes with them and face to face always worked best for enrolling.

I took my AP coursework in Georgia at a community college there, and I took micro at ASU. Even with a majority of my coursework taken through ASU for my first bachelors degree, I still had enrollment problems and had to call. If that didn't work, I emailed the course instructor for the specific class I wanted directly asking for them to add me to the course via an enrollment override (they have the capability of doing this)! So if you're getting the run-around from Rio staff, reach out to faculty explaining your situation and attaching copies of your unofficial transcripts with corresponding prerequisite course syllabi. Doing that allows the faculty to review the syllabi themselves so they can attest to the information covered in the prerequisite coursework. Good luck!!

Additionally, you may not have your old syallabi on hand or saved on your computer so in that case check to see if the college you took the classes at has the syllabi available online or email your old professors/instructors for the syallbi from the semester in which you took the class. It can be a lot of emailing back and forth, but I had more luck this way then dealing with advising or the registration office at Rio.