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  1. brivsac

    Help getting kicked out have a 4.0

    Contact the program director and/or whoever is in charge of that area right now and explain your situation and tell them you will submit the TB test as soon as possible. If you already have it submit it now. If not then get the test done as soon as you can, if can get it done tomorrow that would be even better. I was a few days late in submitting an antibody titer for clinical and I contacted one of the faculity members and submitted a petition. It was approved and I wasn't kicked out, so don't assume the worst. They may be lenient, especially since you finished you already first semester
  2. brivsac

    ASU BSN Spring 2019

    Ok I'll make one! DM me if anyone wants the link!
  3. brivsac

    ASU BSN Spring 2019

    Would anyone interested in a cohort facebook group?
  4. brivsac

    ASU BSN Spring 2019

    Same I also got in! Good job all of you! I'm excited for us!!
  5. brivsac

    ASU BSN Spring 2019

    I second the ATI study package. Youre talking about the online one right?
  6. brivsac

    ASU BSN Spring 2019

    Thanks so much!
  7. brivsac

    ASU Traditional BSN Spring 2019

    I'm sure you'll get in! Good luck!!
  8. brivsac

    ASU BSN Spring 2019

    That's good to hear! I'm trying to not think about it but the time frame for when we get decisions is coming up and I want to know already!!
  9. brivsac

    ASU BSN Spring 2019

    I'm hoping we'll find out in a week- 2 weeks from now! I have no idea about the book pack but I personally would buy it just to be safe. Nursing school is supposed to be reading heavy! And even if you arent assigned the reading its good to have the books as reference. Where is the link to the book bundle? I've actually never heard about that yet
  10. brivsac

    SFSU BSN Sp19 App

    I applied but doubtful I'll get in. I have a 3.9 GPA and 87 TEAS score
  11. brivsac

    CSU Chico Spring 2019

    I applied but I didn't calculate my points. My gpa is high but my TEAS score is 87.3 so I'm not too hopeful, but fingers crossed
  12. brivsac

    ASU BSN Spring 2019

    I tried making a thread about this last month and didn't get any replies haha. I applied with a 1.85 as a transfer. I have my fingers crossed there will be competitive seats open this cycle! Are you guys applying as direct admits or transfers?
  13. brivsac

    CSULB BSN Spring 2019

    I'm applying for the spring 2019 semester too but I haven't calculated my score yet. I'm applying to a few other CSUs plus Arizona State. I honesly don't think I have a very good chance of getting into any CA schools but I'm going to give it a shot. My gpa is around 3.9 and TEAs score is 87.3 but I have no idea if that's high enough. I have volunteer hours too but I haven't checked to see if csulb accepts volunteer work
  14. brivsac

    ASU Traditional BSN Spring 2019

    The application deadline is coming up and I haven't seen a thread like this yet for traditional BSN at ASU for spring 2019, so I thought I'd make one to see if anyone on here is applying. I'm applying from California as a competitive transfer with a 3.92 GPA and 87.3 TEAs score giving me an advancement score of 1.85. What are everyone else's stats? And does anyone know about how many direct admits there are and how many seats are open for competitive applicants? I saw there are 64 total spots available.
  15. brivsac

    Tips for the teas 6 exam

    If you can afford it, get the smartprep study material on the ati website! It goes into much more detail then the study book and has 2 quizes for each section and pre tests for each subject. Its a life saver for the science because without it it will be hard to know what to study
  16. brivsac

    FON 241?

    Nevermind, ignore my comment above. I just saw your other reply and you said you took it at Mesa

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