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Hello. I am finishing up my pre reqs at Hillsborough Community College for their LPN-RN transition program. Has anyone done this transition there? I am mostly curious about the wait list and how many students they take compared to the number of applicants. I called the nursing department and they told me that the transition is less competitive to get into. Any information would be appreciated. Thank you.

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I checked Hawknet today and all of my documents are finally showing up as having been received by the school. So, hopefully not too much longer.

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Hi I saw in one of your post you attended Center for allied health and nursing. Do you recommend this school for becoming an LPN and how much is the tuition? Thanks

lovinglife16 congratulations!!!! you made it!!!!

im applying for the RN program at HCC this January 2012...but im so scared because my GPA is 3.3 :( that im looking at other options just in case i dont get in.

i went to erwins today and they were really nice and gave all the information to get in their LPN program. my goal is to do lpn to rn. my dream is to become a registered nurse. :)

I went to put in my application today and was told by the counselor that it's just as competitive as the regular program. In her words, the "rejects" from the generic program take up all the seats in the transition program so the cut-off GPA is still just as high as the regular program. I have a 3.5 and she told me I had no chance of getting in.

I think we had the fortune to talk to the same lady! I was told with a 3.45 that I had no hope to be a nurse. That my GPA was not strong enough and that if I was not an A student then I should follow a new path. This was before I was an LPN. So I asked her about the transition program and she said yeah no chance with a GPA like that. I was crushed.

Well I got my LPN and now starting SPC in May for the LPN-RN program. I did not even apply at HCC because when I talked to the dean about how I was treated they pretty much just said sorry. Nothing was done and I know she is still there.

I got in!!!!

Congrats! I know this is an old post but I hope it is going well!

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I know this is super old but did you enter the bridge program there then at HCC or go elsewhere? Trying to find the best way in but I suck at A&P and don't know if I can pass it. Tried once. They have you make like 100 copies of notes a day and you have to pay to print more than 20 pages. Any A&P instructors to avoid? to take?


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Wow. Totally unacceptable. Going to write an advisor via email today and see what they say when I ask about the program. I'll try and get a name?

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I hear SPC is good. How about their GPA requirements? Also, does one need to have like 1000 hours of nursing hours in last 3 yrs. to get in? I have not worked in two years but need an LPN bridge now.

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Then do NOT do the LPN first. Get your 4 yr. since many hospitals only hire 4 yr now.

I applied for transition program with 3.2 and a 71 on the TEAS, I studied the science for about 3 hours and brushed up on the math for about 30 minutes,but I still thought some of the science questions were hard! I havent heard anything and applied for the Spring start in January so fingers crossed.

I am unsure of the difference between the 2 types of GPA's though ? Prerequisite vs overall . I have to see what HCC has my GPA from based on all my transcripts ...

I've gotten into SPC LPN TO RN multiple times without problem but they skip a semester, so I would be done sooner with HCC.

I sure hope my GPA doesnt hold me back from. Being accepted at HCC, especially since I didnt apply to SPC this time .

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