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If you are looking into an assignment with HCA in South Florida, please make sure to question everything! When I did the phone interview, I was told that I would have a total of FIVE patients in the ER. Three would be true Emergency Room patients while the other two would be in stretchers in the halls and are considered fast track patients. I was told that no chest pain, no respiratory or abdominal pain would go in the halls. Not true. For the most part, you have five ER patients....sometimes even six depending on their staffing. I know of travel nurses that left early because they didn't feel that this situation was safe and they didn't want to risk their license. They may have good team work but five patients isn't safe. So, if you are considering this: please ask a lot of questions!!


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thanks for the info. hca are bad


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What HCA hosp was this? I am currently viewing several contracts with different HCA hospitals.


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What HCA hosp was this? I am currently viewing several contracts with different HCA hospitals.

be prepared for it to be the worst assignment yet. stay away

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agreed, better pay but that's to be expected in a for profit hospital


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Lawnwood Regional in Ft Pierce is the best. Would go back in a heart beat if I wasn't out west for a few years of sight seeing. Incredible orientation, well staffed, MD relationships second to none. Very busy trauma center though.


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I was interested in several of the HCA hospitals in the South Florida and Treasure Coast areas. I had one recruiter who called me back a few months later for a job she thought I might be eligible for, even though in the end, I was not. I thought it was nice that this one recruiter did follow up. Shows they do keep your info on file for a while after the initial "No thank you."

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Not all HCA hospitals suck. St. Marks, Lone Peak, and Timpanogos ER's in Utah have fair staffing ratios and workloads. Facility specific with HCA.

Worst ER I've yet to work in is with Banner, at Boswell. Five patients, all super sick, no supplies, many rooms have no monitors, no this, no that. Horrible. Don't go there.

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