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How much was yours? I keep hearing the horror stories for the costs of the Hep-B shot. :eek:


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The total cost for all three shots was around $55. I went to the public health clinic to have it done so I wouldn't have to pay for things like office visits. I think my phyisican charged around $27 per shot.

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Mine were free from the county health department. I was in and out of there faster than if I had made an appointment with the doc.


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I guess my area is high.. I think mine was like $60 at the county health department for EACH shot (and it was a few dollars cheaper than at the university health center).

Oh, and my health department is not quick, either... had to make an appt a few weeks out. But still cheaper than the docs. Sigh. I think the school should hook us up with the hospitals where we do clinicals to get them for free since we'll be 'working' there!!!

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Was told by me Nurse Practitioner last week that the series of three would run me around $300.00. Thankfully, I just got a job at a LTC facility that will provide them to me for free.

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OUCH! I don't have a copay for office visits when I'm just there to get immunizations so for me, it's free. Also, I received the HBV's when I was working in a hospital a few years ago, so that was free for me too.


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It's $37 I believe (I know it's less than $40 and more than $30) a shot here through the health department.



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Mine were $117 each at the doctors office. Good thing I have great insurance! Only paid $10 co-pay each time.

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