Any military nurses/spouses on here?

  1. I'm moving to Oahu for the 1st time on May 1st with my husband who will be stationed at Camp Smith. My mother grew up in Hawaii but I have never been. I'm hoping to connect with other nurses/spouses who might be able to tell me a little about their job hunting experience and more. I hope to hear from you.
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  3. by   military spouse
    Hi! My hubby retired from the Army about 1.5 years ago. We were never stationed in Hawaii, but I was always able to find a job--even in Germany. I wouldn't worry about it. I hear there is a shortage in Hawaii and you can always try to work at Tripler. That is one of the great things about being a nurse-you can always find a job.:spin:
  4. by   roxxy3773
    Hey girls, we have been stationed out here in HI for four years. I love it! I will be going to nursing school in the fall so I don't know much about the job situation though. If you have any questions for me just let me know
  5. by   WindwardOahuRN
    Quote from military spouse
    hi! my hubby retired from the army about 1.5 years ago. we were never stationed in hawaii, but i was always able to find a job--even in germany. i wouldn't worry about it. i hear there is a shortage in hawaii and you can always try to work at tripler. that is one of the great things about being a nurse-you can always find a job.:spin:
    i don't think tripler hires new grads. at least it doesn't look like they do:

    vacancy announcement board

    it might be worth a try, though--give them a call.

    as far as other hospitals here hiring new grads? ime, they usually hire the locally-trained ones that have done internships with them.

    queens has a new-grad program but i heard that they just instituted a hiring freeze. i know they have cancelled a few traveller assignments, too.

    you can check at this site:

    new grad rn program part 1

    kapiolani/straub hires new grads too:

    hawaii pacific health - corporate information - careers

    as far as i know neither castle nor kuakini has a new grad program. probably not available at wahiawa either.

    i don't know if the hawaii medical center hospitals (formerly known as st. francis liliha and st. francis west) have new-grad programs but i would avoid them.
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  6. by   roxxy3773
    I had a friend who graduated nursing school and had to get a years experience before they would hire her at Tripler...she is at Tripler now that she met that requirement.
  7. by   SoundofMusic
    I am also seeking info, and will be graduating w/ a BSN in August. Still have no idea if we're going there, but it's a possibility.

    I've got to know about new grad jobs, as well as area high schools for my 15 yr old who will be a sophomore next fall.

    Hubby should be stationed at Camp Smith.

    It's all just up in the air, but I'm in an info gathering mode at the moment.

    How far is Camp Smith from Honolulu? Is there bad traffic in the area?
  8. by   kms1978
    Hi everyone! I am so glad I found this thread. My husband is stationed at Schofield Barracks, and I will be moving there after I graduate from my RN program next May. I am concerned about being a new grad and moving to Hawaii. What about doctor's offices or clinics?
  9. by   EarthChild1130
    Hi there...I just moved with my husband to Oregon from Alabama...he's a flight mechanic for the Coast Guard...heck of a move but it's fun! LOL I graduated almost 2 years ago from nursing school in Alabama, and I came up here a couple of months before we moved...spent a week here and had the job before I left...seems that nursing is a job that 'travels' well...and we move every 4 years so it's nice, ya know?

    Anyhow, good luck! Nice to meet ya!
  10. by   mlmRN30
    Hi Earth,

    I was wondering if you could tell me more about your experience/job hunt in Hawaii. I'm moving there straight out of school so I'm sure it was a little different for me. I would greatly appreciate any info that you might have!

  11. by   Sassy RN OAHU
    I am a military spouse working here on Oahu. I am also prior military myself. I chose to work for a wonderful branch of kapiolani medical center, PALI MOMI. The hospital is small and expanding quickly. It is very nice to be part of this. It is one of the only hopsitals here which is not a Union. Which I enjoy very much as the pay is more competitive. I started off making 28.60 an hour as a new grad. We recieved a raise plus I went over my six month mark and I now make 32.32 an hour. A mere six months later! I enjoy the closeness of the units in the hospital and especially love the TELEMETRY floor. While looking for a job I found many hard days. Nobody hired new grads, need at least one year experience, oh an d my favorite had to be "we do not have a nursing shortage in Hawaii" humm? these are the types of comments I heard. At Pali Momi they have two new grad classes a year and situational dependent may bring in a person for their own private session. The Nursing educators were the quickest to respond and most efficient I knew exactlly what was going on and felt very sure of my decision to work there from the very first moment. I am a very Happy Nurse. Although other things you may want to consider is Travel time-distance (TRAFFIC) and parking. Two hospitals I applied to did not have parking and trust me there was absolutely no parking available around there. Not to mention fighting the H-1 traffic to work and from work everyday... added stresses nurses truely do not need. Look into Pali Momi the main phone number is 808-485-4440 ask to talk with one of the nursing educators.

  12. by   daisymurphydog
    Hey Ladies, I just moved here 6 weeks ago and I'm also a new grad. My husband is at Pearl Harbor. I was just hired at Hawaii Medical Center East in a new grad program. I was reading some of the other replies and someone said to avoid this hosptial...What's the reason???
  13. by   Sassy RN OAHU
    HMC east does not have CNA's so with the regular patient load as other hopsitals with CNA's you are expected to do their work also. I work with many people who have a second job there and are in the process of looking elsewhere as it is too stressful there. That is what I have heard but like anything else everything in life is what you make it, it may work for you. Try it and if you don't like it move on!
  14. by   keke56
    i am freaking out about this as well. i graduate from purdue in may and am moving to oahu right after. i will be taking the nclex in hawaii and will have no experiance. i will really really need to get a job at that point! four years of school and not much money coming in! any advice from anyone on the easiest way to get my foot in the door.

    also can you start working before you take the nclex anywhere and what would i be doing. i know at home you can become a glorified tech and do everything but pass the actual medication.

    freaking out!

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