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Have some traveling questions.


Hello all I don't know if this has been discussed before. I tried to look thru but didn't see anything. I am considering travel nursing in the future and would like some feedback.

Has anyone done local travel during the school year and then somewhere else during the summer break? How does traveling with children work? Thank You for any insight you may have

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A travel assignment is stand alone. You can do one every ten years if you want to. If you are limited to local assignments only, I would suggest you call local hospitals to find openings. They can tell which agencies they use, or if you can work per diem or a contract directly for them.

Thank you for your response. I was just wondering if anyone else had done it this way, staying around home during the school year and going further once the kids are out for the summer. Do you know if all the agencies do 8 week assignments or just certain ones?

Any agency will do 8 weeks if the hospital requests it. Sometimes a hospital will be willing per traveler request even though they wanted longer. Often the agency has to have a higher bill rate for shorter assignments so the hospital may balk.


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No, but have a friend who does per diem during the year, travels for a 3 month contract during the summer. Sounds like a good gig if you can get a hospital to keep you on during your travel assignments.

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What about camp nursing? Free summer camp for the kids and a different location for you. I think there is a section on allnurses. But you have to be comfortable doing first aid kinda stuff with kids.

And comfortable with low pay!

Yeah sure i guess you should be going for it, i am totally supported for it. The basic thing is when i experienced something like buses from nyc to indianapolis i didn't know about it. But now because i have seen how goodly this profession goes a lot can really be done through it.