Have you taken the NCLEX before?

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I am new to this site, but wanted to hear from anyone that has taken the NCLEX exam before. If so, how many times? Did you pass? What/who helped you?

Be interested in hearing everyone's stories

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Me, I did nclex style questions/practice (lippincott) throughout school. Used kaplan to get comfortable with look/feel of nclex gui.

What Kaplan product did you use? Was it the online review? or something else?

Were you anxious before the test?

Hi, kyankee, and welcome to AN :)

If you scroll down through the very many thread titles posted along with yours, you will see that the one thing they all have in common is someone asking about the test :D

You can find out A LOT of info from people who have taken the exam already, as well as those preparing for their first time through. Probably take you more time to read than you have time before the NCLEX, lol, but at least there's some great info for you :)

Good luck!

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