Have any of you read the book "Ether Day"

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I'm interested in becoming an anesthetist and I was just wondering if its worth buying and reading...


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ok...anybody ever heard of it??

Kiwi, BSN, RN

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I just checked out the synopsis on Amazon. Looks very interesting. I've always wanted to visit the ether dome.

Today I was taking a break from studying at the health sciences library and I saw a book called "Nurse Anesthesia". I read some from the first chapter about the history of nurses administering anesthesia. If I recall, the first mention of this comes from the civil war era when a nurse administered chloroform. This occured about 10 yrs after the discovery of ether. Anway, the history of anesthesia is intriguing, and I look forward to reading the book when I graduate (27 days)... :)


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I have read the book, and also visited the Ether Dome.

Both activities are recommended by me. I enjoyed the book a great deal, and was entertained by the story. The ether dome is great, because of its history, and the simple fact that it is open at all. Just go to the door, call security, and you are buzzed in. I guess they figure if you know where it is, you should be allowed in to see it.

Good luck.



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The book is great! I read it, and gave a copy to my father (a retired anesthesiologist) as a gift, and he also enjoyed it v. much.


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The synopsis does sound interesting. I had not heard of this book..Anyone know of any other fun anesthesia or nurse anesthesia reading.


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Hate to sound stupid, but what's the Ether Dome?


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RNLou said:
Hate to sound stupid, but what's the Ether Dome?

The Ether Dome was the location of the first (successful) public demonstration of the use of ether for surgical anesthesia. It is at Mass General Hospital in Boston. I remember watching a video on it during one of my first anesthesia classes last fall...can't remember the name of the video though.


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Oh, neat! Thanks for the link, and the answers to my query LNsrna and heartICU...