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Hats Off to Nursing Home Nurses


I just wanted to commend the nurses and health care workers who are employed at nursing homes. Our clinical group just finished a month's rotation at a local home. Although I did enjoy the exposure to the senior population and appreciate what the community provides to them in their old age (comfort, friendships, activities, good care), I found that the experience left me emotionally exhausted and drained. It ripped at my heart when some of the lonelier patients looked at us teary eyed when it was time for us to leave at night, begging us to stay with them. I truly admire the nurses who have put in many years of service and perform their job with efficiency and the ability to "detach themselves" when needed to get the job done. I guess that ability comes with experience, seasoning and time.

I second that emotion and hats off to your for being so perceptive.

I agree totally, and I just wanted to share....

My mother was a CNA in nursing homes for over 20 years, 15 being at a horrible (and fabulously expensive) nursing home in Florida. She worked critically short staffed for every day of those 15 years ( they didn't call it short staffed, they called it a regular day) and although I do not get along with her, I admire the fact that she stayed there because she felt that if she left, no one would be there to actually CARE about the patients. She forced me to volunteer there when I was a kid and I would see someone I considered practically unconscious, and she would see the tiniest change in their face, or their eyes light up every so subtly. She would know what flavor pudding they liked, and whether they like to sit near the window or not. She made me to volunteer because there was no one around to take them outside for a breath of fresh air, or just to smile at them. I think she saw pretty much the best and worst of society there, and just plugged along, every so often coming home in tears, never saying why. I still to this day have no idea how she made it 15 years. I was always a wreck after a few hours. but...I am in nursing school because of her.

sorry to get sappy, but I can't pass a nursing home without thinking of how I admire the people who work there.

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