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Has any nurses travelled far for school?

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Hey everyone I recently got into a community college for the LPN course. It is about an hour away from where I live, moving isn't a option. I was just wondering if anyone else had to travel this far? What it was like? Was it hard? Any advice really. Thank you for reading my post! Have a good night :)

I completed a BSN, years ago, at the state uni closest to my home, which was ~2 hrs drive away. Because it was a BSN completion program geared for working RNs, the classes were scheduled one evening a week and the following full day. I drove down and stayed overnight for the classes each week. I didn't drive back and forth every day, just one round-trip a week.

I have driven (nearly) an hour back and forth, every day, for a good job. It's all a matter of what your priorities are.

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The LVN program that I completed was 95 miles away from my home one-way. I made the trip five days per week for one year.

The LPN-to-RN completion program was 225 miles away from my home one-way and I had to cross state lines to get there. I made the trip twice a week for 14 months.

I too, just got accepted into a LPN program that is an hour away from me but I am going to suck it up and do it. the program is only 11 months so it shouldn't be too bad. I really want to be a nurse so I will make the necessary sacrifices to get what I want. hope all goes well for you.

For one year, I drove 1 hr for school and just a bit more than that for clinicals. Classes always started at 1500, so not difficult. Class got out at 2200 and I had to make the drive home at night, by myself.

For clinicals, we had to be on the floor, ready to receive report at 0650 for day shift and 1450 for PM shifts.

That meant I was up at 0500, out the door at 0545. Everything was ready to go - lunch, knapsack w/books and gear, uniform ironed and ready to put on. All I had to do was shower, dry my hair, get dressed and eat breakfast. I didn't have kids or other distractions. My husband was totally capable of getting himself up and ready to face his day.

I'm an early morning type, in fact I prefer it, so getting up early was/has never been difficult for me.

But I can't tell you how many times I'd go to kiss DH and my dog good-bye, all snuggly and warm in bed, and there I was, warming up the car getting ready to drive down the hill in the dark, wishing I could be in bed with them. Wasn't always easy!

But that was 4 yrs ago, and now I have an absolutely great job.

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I traveled an hour for school and clinicals, and it wasn't bad at all. We had to be at clinicals at 0630, so I'd leave the house at 0515 or so to get there on time. I'd do it again.


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When I was in LPN school I drove a little over an hour one way to go to class 5 days a week. I'm now going back to the same school (community college) for my ASN and expect to also drive to the same town for my BSN. A larger university has opened a school for transfer students to get their BSN with them so I'll be driving this distance for several more years. It has never really bothered me. I actually enjoy school. #nerd

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I drive an hour to school. You get used to it and the drive doesn't seem that long. Clinicals start at 0630 and I have everything ready to go the night before. The only issue has been getting off at 1630, so I don't get home until 1730 or 1800 depending on traffic and doing all the paper work my program requires makes for a very long night! But it's only a year long and time is flying by! Good luck!