Has any gone through JTCC Hybrid program?

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Hello everyone,

Has anyone been through the John Tyler Hybrid Program?

I will have to continue working and throught that the flexibility of the program would be great.

I'm still taking online Pre-Nursing courses now and in the Fall and 2 co-reqs in the spring.

I hope to apply at the beginning of 2011.

Thank you in advance for any feed back:)

Hi, I am currently in JTCC's Hybrid program and I love it!Yes, the flexability of the program is great and I have been able to continue working. I would say that it takes a lot of self motivation though. You will still of course have clinicals in the hospital and there is optional online "classroom time" via webcam (which is recorded so if you miss it you can go back to the disscusion on your own time, which is nice). Good luck and if you have any questions let me know.


Thank you for your response:thankya:

I'm hoping that I won't have trouble getting into the program. My GPA, with classes including the pre-reqs, is above 3.6 and all the Nursing Prereqs so far have been all A's and one B. I haven't taken my TEAS exam yet but will take it later on in the fall and I hope to apply to the Hybrid program and get accepted. All the online classes that I've taken have been an "A" so maybe they will consider that.

Do you know if they will continue to use the IV version or the V version of the TEAS test?

Did you take Anat&Physio and Math 120 online?

I've heard people say how important study groups are once you get into Nursing School. Do you participate in one through the Hybrid program?

Thanks in advance for your past reply and any replies that you may be able to give me in the future!

i hope you don't have any trouble getting in either! i'd say with a 3.6 cumulative you have a good chance, but did you know they use what is called your curricular gpa? this includes only the pre-req and co-req classes that are required by the program, so with all a's and one b in those classes your gpa may be even higher:). when i applied they were still using the net test, so i am not familiar with the teas (sorry). i can't be certain, but yes they may consider that you have made all a's in your online classes. it shows that you are familiar with them and can do well in them. when i did my interview for the hybrid track (not sure if they are still doing those or if people are just getting accepted) i made sure to point out success in my internet courses. i took the second part of a&p online (which was my first ever online course and loved it) and have been talking all the internet courses i could get since. depending how good you are in math may or may not suggest the math online. knowing that math is not my forte i personally would not choose to do it online, but for you that may be different. as far as all the other classes go if you can take them online do it! i have heard that study groups are important and a lot of students swear by them so i'm in no way putting them down, but our group has only had two, one for the final assessment practicum, and one for the final last semester. for my group i think the fact that we chose the hybrid track we understand that we are self motivated, able to stay on top of things on our own, and learn and study best on our own time. hope this helps!

Thank you for your helpful comments. I am self motivated also but I have to work hard because I'm in my 40's and somethings take a while to sink in, LOL.

I did well enough on the Math placement test to not have to take Algebra which was a relief but I know Math 120 will have some in it.

From what I understand the TEAS is harder than the NET and the Teas IV is not as hard as the Teas V version.

If you don't mind me asking, how far are you into the progam?

Is the Nursing Fundamentals 1 the hardest class?

How often to you go in for clinicals?

I happen to be off of work today but I normally work 4 days a week but I will cut back if I need to.

Thanks again for your help! I really appreciate it and I wish you success with your classes and future career.:):)

i will be starting my 3rd semester this fall. yes fundamentals was tough. it was mostly just getting into the swing of things and settling into the routine of the program that made it difficult. the content is not hard it's just there is so much of it to learn in one semester. honestly the dimensional analysis was the most difficult for me because like i said math is not where i excel, but i got a good handle on it and ended up acing the final. i haven't had any problems with drug calculations since and it's helped a lot because there are always drug calculations on the test so take nur 135 seriously. in fundamentals we had clinical 2 days a week from about 7am to 1pm and then in second semester we went for one full 12 hour day (which i liked because you can get it over with in one day and move on with your week). glad i can help. it wasn't that long ago i had the same questions and concerns so i understand what it's like to be in your shoes right now.

Thanks again for your helpful responses!

What is dimensional analysis? Is it in one of the clinical classes or a separate class?

I too, have to work hard in Math! It has not been easy for me in the past.

Also congrats on going into your second year of Nursing School! Someone told me that if you get through the first then you will get through the second!

I will really be studing for the TEAS test which has LOTS of math and chemistry on it from what I hear.

I hope to be ready for it later in the fall.

Dimensional analysis is what they call the math for drug calculations which is NUR 135. It is a separate 1 credit class that you take along with fundamentals.

Thanks for explaining that to me. There is a book that I may check out that has some drug dosage calculations in it so I can get a taste of what I will see later. On Allnurses there is also a page that has links on it and I will check it out as well. Thanks for all your help! :redbeathe

One more question, did you have to get all of your books new (for the access codes) or were you able to get them second hand? The sociology class that I just took you had to have the code to access the publisher's website to get worksheets, quizes etc.

I am in the 2nd semester of the Hybrid program. Hybrid does not mean entirely online, so just know in advance that you will still be required to attend labs a few times a week in the 1st semester. You will also be required to go to the clinical facility the day before the actual clinical to prepare. Tests are now required to be taken onsite, as well but not sure if that is temporary or permanent. You will also have papers to write, weekly online sessions to attend, and other classes to be taken in tandem such as the NUR135 which is put on top of whatever other classes you have at the time. If you took Chemistry, you will recognize dimensional analysis.

If you work full time and/or have children it will be tough. Working all day then coming home to study for 5 hours every night is not impossible, but your family will definitely be put on the back burner. Most of the students who have dropped/failed have been working full time. I'm not saying it's impossible, just want you to be prepared up front.

I am not trying to discourage you at all - just want you to know the real deal before you get started. A lot of students think it is sitting at home in your PJ's studying then going into the clinical site one day per week. I think Hybrid is actually harder than traditional (no one-on-one with the instructor, etc.).

Have a sit-down with your spouse and kids and discuss it before you decide. I don't work so I study all day while the kids are at school. If you can go part time only for 2 or 3 days a week that would be best. Luckily, I have older kids and my husband's job allows him some freedom as far as hours, and my mother is always there to help me. My house looks like a bomb went off and we eat take-out a lot, so it is a major life adjustment. If you have a solid support system of at least 2 people that can fill in for you, you can do it since nursing school will become your number one priority - the up side is that it's only for 2 years and you still get the summer off.:up:


Thank you for such an informative response. It is nice to know what I would be getting into. Right now I'm taking 3 classes on line and I'm doing well but it sounds as though I will have to go onto campus more often. I normally work 3 times a week, sometimes four but not usually for a full 8 hours.

I'm sure that the Hybrid program is harder. I went to an all day A&P lab and got

so much out of it because of the lecture and the hands on component (not just reading)

I'm way out in the coutry so mileage and time builds up quick so that is why online was so alluring.

I wish you the best in the program and you can do it with only two more semesters to go after this one. ;-D

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