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    Has any gone through JTCC Hybrid program?

    I am in the 2nd semester of the Hybrid program. Hybrid does not mean entirely online, so just know in advance that you will still be required to attend labs a few times a week in the 1st semester. You will also be required to go to the clinical facility the day before the actual clinical to prepare. Tests are now required to be taken onsite, as well but not sure if that is temporary or permanent. You will also have papers to write, weekly online sessions to attend, and other classes to be taken in tandem such as the NUR135 which is put on top of whatever other classes you have at the time. If you took Chemistry, you will recognize dimensional analysis. If you work full time and/or have children it will be tough. Working all day then coming home to study for 5 hours every night is not impossible, but your family will definitely be put on the back burner. Most of the students who have dropped/failed have been working full time. I'm not saying it's impossible, just want you to be prepared up front. I am not trying to discourage you at all - just want you to know the real deal before you get started. A lot of students think it is sitting at home in your PJ's studying then going into the clinical site one day per week. I think Hybrid is actually harder than traditional (no one-on-one with the instructor, etc.). Have a sit-down with your spouse and kids and discuss it before you decide. I don't work so I study all day while the kids are at school. If you can go part time only for 2 or 3 days a week that would be best. Luckily, I have older kids and my husband's job allows him some freedom as far as hours, and my mother is always there to help me. My house looks like a bomb went off and we eat take-out a lot, so it is a major life adjustment. If you have a solid support system of at least 2 people that can fill in for you, you can do it since nursing school will become your number one priority - the up side is that it's only for 2 years and you still get the summer off.