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Has anyone tried the pvt using a different card number?


ok everyone I just took the test...and I want to try the pvt but I don't want to get charged so has anyone tried the pvt with a valid cc but messing up a few numbers and getting the good pop up? or maybe using a valid cc but getting a bad pop and still passing? Is there another way to check it without having to use my valid cc? I understand I can have the results after 48hrs but I really really really want to check, THANKS!!


If you just took the test there is NO point whatsoever in playing the PVT now. Your exam is scored TWICE within a 24 hour period; any pop ups you see (good or bad) mean NOTHING until both sets of scores are finalized.

If you did the PVT and found you could not register for another exam (ie: 'good pop up') but it was only after the FIRST scoring, all you would know is that you were a pass on the FIRST set of scores. Unfortunately, sometimes on the second set it's a 'fail'. And only the second scoring matters.

You can play it twelve times in a 15 hour span, convinced you either passed or failed based on whatever it is you're reading into it, but it DOES NOT COUNT unless it's been at least 24 hours.

If you want to play this game....wait until then. As for the card you choose, it's a crapshoot. You might or might not get charged on a valid card, you might get a declined notice on a fraudulent card.

I get that you "really really really want to check"....so does everyone.....but how 'bout waiting to see for SURE?


Has 5 years experience.

Yes,Yes,Yes,...I tried the cc pg and it ask me for another card ...then 24 hrs later it said the same thing..I didn't have any money on the card but it doesn't matter ..the message will tell you . If you fail it ask you for card that works ($200)..THAT MEANS YOU FAIL 99% right.. if you pass ..then it say contract your nursing broad you cannot make an appointment...I know it has happen to me...GOOD LUCK

DJAYS Thanks I tried it after 30min but I don't think I should've tried it so soon, but I didn't get the good pop up :banghead:, I will have to wait, still have my hopes up even though no good pop up:nailbiting:

RNsRWe thanks for your reply! You're right, since I already tried it once I don't want to end up getting in trouble for fraud.