Has anyone tried ‘Legal Nurses Rock’ LNC program?

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I’ve been looking at avenues to use my clinical Nursing knowledge (9 years in ICU) in a different way. After 2 years in a pandemic and two kids under 3 at home, I need more work life balance. 

Legal nurse consulting seems like a great option for me and the ‘Legal nurses rock’ program looks pretty comprehensive. I don’t love that they’re not transparent about their price (I STILL can’t find a price without arranging a ‘call’ with them) and I can’t find reviews online about the program. These both seem like red flags to me. 

Has anyone tried this program and give insight about it? Are there any legal nurses out there with recommendations about which program to start with and how to get marketing included in it? 

Thanks in advance!



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Hello! I’m in the LNC Rock program now. Pricing gets confusing because there are different paths you can take toward working as a LNC, depending on your legal knowledge, if you’ve taken another program before (so many people have wasted thousands of dollars!) so they know where to start you.  Some come in as experienced report writers who can’t get repeat business and who may skip much of the course & go right to ‘Biz Growth’.  Some students want to be a working nurse & on the side do Expert Witnessing while many only do behind the scenes.. etc, etc.  I’m new in the program so I hope you call when you’re ready for a better explanation from LNC Rock.   If you’ve researched other programs I would say it’s comparable pricing but you get more mentoring & real world experiences. Janice Dolnick has a lot of videos on Youtube, you’ve probably seen, and while some may come across as light-hearted sales-pitchy I have to tell you this lady is still running a successful LNC business today and is the real deal. She walks the talk and the students ahead of me are being successful with getting work.  It’s a very supportive group of nurses with varied backgrounds.  I have no doubt that I chose the right program for me.  (And NO I don’t work for her or make commission LOL… I’m just very excited.). Good luck with your decision!! Best

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Thank you Deborah! I found some testimonials and it's all positive, I'm just excited about it too and want to make sure I'm investing in the right place. I'm so happy to hear that you're happy with the program so far! I'm now saving to get started with it :) 


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You're welcome!  Good luck!


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Hi! I plan on taking Legal Nurses Rock as well. If you complete the free one-hour workshop, you’ll see the prices for the actual courses. Since there are no printed materials, the tuition is more budget friendly. What stood out to me is that Janice appears to be big on marketing and mentoring. 


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You’re correct!  Janice does focus on the areas where other courses were weaker, especially mentoring and how to actually get working.  

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That’s exactly what I think I’ll need help with the most, which would be perfect! Thanks for the feedback! 

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Hi Valerie! 

Have you tried the Legal Nurses Rock Program? I am strongly thinking about joining it. If so, what is your opinion about it?


I am not sure what the One hour workshop is?

Someone emailed me with a quote of $4900. There was no pdf or breakdown of what would be included with that. I am really leary of that amount.

Thank you for more info!


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I believe the one hour workshop is free and covers what is included in the plans. There is also a facebook group for people that are interested… unless that has changed. I’ll check now.


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Legal Nurses Rock has facebook group with info for people considering it….  Legal Nurse Consulting OFFICIAL Community

I have not experienced her current program - so not sure how it has evolved. Some nurses have had some success with her and speak highly of her and her work, but this was not my experience. I think better, more transparent, and more cost-friendly programs and information exist. For example, if you join AALNC, two of their chapters have free mentor programs (Florida just started one and WVUOV (online)) - the membership for AALNC is around $250/yr and most of the chapters are around $60/year. I've also been engaged in Pat Iyer's programs - she has 30+ years of LNC experience and LNCExchange is a listserve that provides a bit of insight into LNC. Janice also is active in MLMs and will try to get you to join without really being transparent about it. I had a number of concerns regarding her lack of transparency and personal interactions with some of the group members. For example, I know that a negative review was actually written on Amazon for her book "Crush It", but she had it removed so that only the comments that are for the 5-star reviews remain posted. Also, notice that on the FB pages related to her and her businesses that she does not allow reviews. Everyone learns/achieves things differently, so it may work for you if you decide to go that route. To me, it did not feel like an honest or transparent business practice for mentoring nurses.

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