Has anyone taken nutrition?

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is it hard and does it involve math?

The program that i want to apply to does not require nutrition but does anyone recommend taking it anyway?

im going to be taking algebra, anatomy, art history, philosophy and possibly nutrition in the fall but i dont know if its worth taking if i dont need it for the program that im applying to. I just wanted the class to look good but will it be too much since im also taking anatomy?

and is it better taking it in person or online?

also i dont have anything on my resume, do you guys know of anything i can do to make it stronger for when i apply to a nursing program?


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I took nutrition online and did not find it terribly difficult. There was some very easy math involved (for example: if fat has 9 calories per gram, so how many calories are in ___g of something). It was not required for my ADN program, but I took it anyway to get it out of the way for an RN-to-BSN program. Unfortunately, I have since come to learn that the program I am most interested in requires you to take their particular nutrition class anyway. I don't feel that it was a waste, though; it was very helpful during the nutrition portion of my nursing fundamentals class.


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do you recommend me taking it with those 4 other classes if its not required?

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I took nutrition, it was required for my ADN. I thought it was really easy but wish I had retained the information better. All through nursing school there were questions on quizzes and tests that would provide a set of meals and you would have to figure out which meal would be better for the patient. There was always two that would be similar and I would at times pick the wrong one.

If you take it then Focus on the types of diets and what constitutes a product of each diet.


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if its not required for a nursing program. does it make sense taking it, like does the program really care?

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if its not required for a nursing program. does it make sense taking it, like does the program really care?

I don't know if it would make sense. The first job you have wont care that you took it. The information would help you on the NCLEX and during your practice. If you know a little about nutrition and do extra studying on the topic during your nursing classes then you may not need it.


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I took Clinical Nutrition for my first degree before I went to nursing school. In the course I was in, it didn't require any math or anything like that, and it really solidified thinking of the different systems and how they work together. I don't think any other class prepared me for nursing school like my nutrition class did, but I do know that my instructor structured her class differently than a normal "nutrition" class. My nursing program did not require that I take it, but I'm very glad that I did.

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I thought nutrition was very easy. I had to take it. Out of all the prerequisites I took, Nutrition was the easiest one. We had an assignment where we had to write down everything we ate and then analyze our diets. It was fun. I recommend it. I took it online, but just do what you prefer.


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If you ever want to get your BSN, might as well take it now because it is required. It does involve some math, nothing terrible though. It was pretty easy.

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Good day:

I took nutrition, and found it helpful. Online, blended, or on campus really depends on personality and learning style.

Thank you.


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Nutrition was required for my ASN. I thought it was pretty easy with very very basic math, not hard at all. The class itself was pretty easy but definitely challenging enough. In my opinion, it was harder than psychology and human growth & development for me. However, I still managed an A despite taking it with A&P 1, Microbiology and College Algebra.

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I took it online and found it to be an easy class. I'm not sure how much information I actually retained though. The math in it did not exceed basic addition/subtraction and multiplication/division.

I think it is a worthwhile class to take because nutrition does impact health and may be useful in the future. However if you are already taking 4 classes it may be better to push it off to another quarter/semester.

As for bolstering your resume, have you tried volunteering? Do you have skills that you could use to get a healthcare related job? (doesn't have to be patient care, just in a healthcare setting). How much time do you have before you'd begin your nursing program?