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Has anyone taken Nutrition at Metro?


Just wondering if anyone has taken Nutrition at Metro and if so, did you take it online or in class? Doesn't look like they have too many classes but quite a few online courses for it. Just wondering what you thought of it and how much work it was? The last half of the class will overlap with A&P II and I don't want to be overwhelmed. Would appreciate anyone's input who has taken it. THanks!

WalkieTalkie, RN

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I took it online, but back in 2004. As I recall, it was a relatively easy class, but there were quite a few "essays" and online "read and respond" types of things.

Compared to other online classes I've taken, it was probably one of the easier ones. Just some tedious work involved... but then again, that's what most of nursing school is!

Online was extremely easy. I took it last year. Not that time consuming and an easy A.

Thanks Christina. I'm taking it now and doesn't seem to be too bad. Thanks for your reply.

I am taking it this spring and was just wondering if anyone know which professor is better... Neubauer-Cheng or Van Riper?

Thanks! :)

I have Cheng and she is good. Homework is easy, time consuming sometimes but not bad. Online tests can be difficult though so take notes on the important things in each chapter to use during the timed tests. You will not have time to go look up the answers in your book.

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Yes! I took it online, and it's super easy. I got an A with no effort at all. :p