Has Anyone Graduated From JCC?


I am curious. I was supposed to start at Galen in October and then a week in learned that I may need surgery and wouldn't be able to catch back up in class so I dropped. Now as I am getting ready to email the school back for January admission I am sitting here thinking about schools. I did not like JCC for my gen ed classes. They screwed up paperwork, I didn't get in the first time around, and there are so many students there that are unfocused. Then, I think even though I only heard students say negative things about the program, the pass rates there are higher. It is much cheaper than Galen, and also doesn't seem to be as intenste as Galen. I am just weighing out my options. I know I can't stand JCC when it comes to the administration and such. I am wondering if the nursing program is as awful as the students say it is.


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I am graduating from their program in Dec and there are very mixed opinions about JCC. Obviously the administration does suck and they don't seem to be organized to some degree, but I do think that the program is good. They are re-vamping the entire program so I cannpt vouch for the new way things are going to be done, but I don't have much to complain about. I know everyone hates on it, but yes they are cheaper, and yes they have amazing pass rates. I just went into the program with the attitude that it will suck no matter where you go because any ADN program is super intense and you just gotta jump through the hoops to get to the finish line. A lot of students want to be babied there like high school which the program definitely won't do. I say go for it, why spend an outrageous amount of money for the same education? I will vouch for them on the fact that we get way more clinical time than anyone else around which makes a huge difference with your comfort level when you are out on your own.


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I still don't know what to do. One day I think to myself "I'm going back to Galen no question", other days I think "I don't know what to do". It is like there are good things about both schools.

JCC: Much Cheaper

Better NCLEX rates

Less demanding schedule by far

Galen: Great Staff

Great Learning Lab


Better nursing instructors from what I hear

Ugh, I don't know what to do. I am next on the January wait list I guess for Galen. I'm sure someone will drop before class starts. I have an appointment with the nursing advisor at JCC but unfortunately I can't speak to her until December because things are so crazy over there. I wouldn't be able to get in the the program at JCC until Fall 09 atleast. ugh.

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