what is harder, A&P or Chemistry?

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Just curious as to everyone's thoughts. A&P I is up for me next semester, right now I'm in Organic Chemistry. General Chem was fine but Organic Chem SUCKS! There is a lot of pressure for me to get an A in both A&P's because the nursing program at my CC allows entry based on points on highest grades in these classes.

I'm hoping A&P will be easier than my organic chem experience this yr? Well wishing it will be :o. What do you guys think?

I've taken all the way up to Biochemistry 1 and A&P 1. It seems like chemistry is all math, puzzle and concept-based, and theoretical while A&P is just a whole lot of memorization but with less concepts to understand. I guess it depends if you are good at memorizing since, for instance, at my university we only get a week to learn all the bones in the body then a week for all the muscles and functions in the body before being tested. You will do fine in A&P, just expect to spend a lot of time memorizing!:)

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I did not take the combined courses. I took anatomy and phyiso separately. I HATE organic and inorganic chem, but I like Biochem.

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Chemistry was WAY harder than A&P, hands down! I worked harder in Inorganic I & II than I did in A&P. When I originally did chemistry I was pursuing prereqs for chiropractic school only to be disillusioned with that career path, with good reasons. And the timing could not have been more perfect, as I ended up dropping Organic after 2 weeks - that was a freaking nightmare! :eek:

Thank God none of my nursing school choices require organic! That is all I am saying!! :D

I have to do organic chem as a pre-req to A&P since it had been over 10 years since I had had Chem in high school. Seriously, can you believe it? As if high school chem was this involved! It may come in handy with drug nomenclature down the line, but I think general chemistry would have been just fine. Only 1 more month left in this semester, thank goodness!

I think O-chem is much easier than A&P. I've also heard that if you take chemistry before A&P, you do much better in A&P. Last semester I took O-Chem 1 and A&P 1 and got A's in both. This semester, I'm taking O-Chem 2 and A&P 2... I study harder for A&P than I do for chem and currenty have a high A in chem but a very low A in A&P. My professor in A&P 2 (one of the hardest A&P professors at my school) is constantly reminding us to not worry so much about our grade. As long as we know the material and can apply it, we will do better when we get into our programs. Hang in there... I'm pretty sure you will do fine in your chemistry class!

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I think it depends on how you learn. If you're good at memorizing, you probably find A&P easy. If you're good at problem solving, math, Biochem is probably easy.

What I find difficult is when I have no interest in the subject and have no motivation to study. And I must say I aced A&P and Biochem because the instructors were excellent making the learning so much fun and interesting!!

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