Happy Mother's Day!!!!

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HAPPY MOTHER"S DAY to all of you moms out there!!!!!! I hope you enjoy your special day!!!!

Any plans today??? My hubby and Hannah are STILL sleeping lol which is actually nice because I am doing some studying. Then it is off to SIL's for a nice brunch.

Again Happy Mother's day to all!!!


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My youngest has a fever again...another long night :sigh:....

My sister is here from Colorado and while DH stays home with our kiddos....she's taking me out to breakfast....

Gosh, I love my babies :)


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Happy Mother's Day to you and all the other Moms too! My son just got a new (used) car on Friday and we're going to look at it again today (he wants to take pictures and scan them on his computer to show his friends) and then they're taking me out for ice cream after.

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Thanks! My grown daughter hung up on me and the early morning hours of my Saturday nite PCT shift were a nightmare from hell. I could use all the good wishes I can get. Happy mom's day to all the moms.

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I'm late, but happy belated mother's day to all you gals out there! :)

My boys and I actually drove across the state to my husband's house. Went to the mall and out for dinner, picked up some videos and went to bed without even watching them. :chuckle

Oh and my "present" was that my DH cleaned out and washed my Jeep. I appreciated it - he's broke, and it was very thoughtful considering my boys get it FILTHY and that's a job I hate! :)

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