what happens if your teacher takes off a ?


on a test does she give you the point or count 1 less?


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You need to ask your teacher. None of us know the specific teacher's policies. She could go either way with this. It is important, because many schools have a strict percentage cut off score for failure and will get specific down to fractions of a percent. You can find many individual posts by people who failed out of their program by less than one percent.


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My 1st & 2nd semester teachers gave us the point my 3rd & 4th semester teacher doesn't. Just curious what others do?

My clinical instructor told me that they should give you the point - she said she had an article on it & is trying to locate it.


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on a test does she give you the point or count 1 less?

1 point is alot to me.

My first semester, I made a B by one point.

My second semester, I MISSED an A by one point.

On both, it boiled down to one test question...I used to just let them go, pick your battles, but if you feel you have a strong one, as long as you can professionally present your case and back it up with text reference, you should be in the clear.

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my instructors would take the question off and then reaverage with one less question.


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Ask Her

I know what my teacher does I was asking what YOUR teacher does.


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Our instructors are not allowed to throw out a question - they can accept multiple answers, but since the course is out of 1000, they can't make it out of 999, 998, etc. The number of points associated with the course has to stay the same.

our instructor awards us the points if the questions are unfair or sometimes they are coded incorrectly on the tests

Our teachers don't drop questions either, they just accept more than one answer, but if your answer isn't one of the ones they are accepting you still miss the question. That doesn't usually happen in our group, we are usually on the fence with 2 answers and they accept them both. It is also a rare thing when they accept multiple answers, the rationales usually support one answer above the other three pretty well.:rolleyes:

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