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Ive got a very important interview with a physician office he is also a general surgeon Im interviewing for a LVN in office position My hair is a short pixie cut with very closed shaved sides I shaved it for my aunt with cancer the color is a burgundy Im worried should I dye it brown


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The pixie cut isn't a problem. The color might be. I'd err on the side of caution and dye it back to natural. You can always re-color it.

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1st impressions count and while your hair color has nothing to do with your nursing abilities It may well give your prospective employer pause. I suggest that you either die back to it's natural color or maybe see a colorist who can add some natural tones in so that in the right light the burgundy shows. A few years ago I changed my hair color to a very bright shade of red that I personally loved - However one of my employer's suggested that my hair color should be a color "found in nature" Now red is a color found in nature but I think he meant a natural human color. It's still red but with lots of warm brown and gold tones. Costs me an arm and leg every month but everyone loves it.

Just a reminder. No matter what you have been told their is no nursing shortage and there are lot's of nurses out there looking for jobs! It

s a best practice to make the first impression the best impression.


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I'd definitely dye it a natural color, preferably whatever your natural hair color is. Having wild hair colors may come across as immature.

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Dye it brown.

Good luck on your interview!