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Had nursing license for a year.

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I have had my nursing license since April, 2013. I was hired to work at a local hospital in July, 2013. I was hired to work on a specialty unit, and the patient census was down. For the first weeks I was there the unit was closed. Since the unit primarily was closed that time of year my orientation was not progressing, and along with lack of experience they let me go. According to hospital policy I could not be transferred to another unit, because I had not been employed there long enough. They told me I would have to start the hiring process over, but due to being terminated the likelihood of being rehired would be slim to none. This seemed unfair, and was a major set back. I applied for unemployment, and it was deemed that I was wrongly terminated.

I have a BSN, and a nursing license in DE (a compact state), as well as, PA. I have applied to more than 40 nursing positions at a number of different health care organizations. I do not put that facility in my employment history, and I now work for a home healthcare agency. I am currently enrolled in grad school, but I want to work in a hospital where I can use my skills I obtained in nursing school. I have reached out to HR representatives, nursing recruiters, nursing managers, people I know in the nursing field, and etc. It seems like I do as instructed, and still get no response. Sometimes the reply is to apply, and then when I do the application is over looked, or not considered for employment.

I am so frustrated, and ready to give up. I have applied time and time again. I'm beginning to rethink a career in nursing, although I would love to be working as a nurse, but nobody wants to hire me. I feel like it is beginning to be a waste of time to have went to nursing school, and the people who said they would help did not commit. What else can I do?


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what a crock of crap. I am sorry to hear that OP. Have you thought about going out of state?

Yes, but where to go all my support is where live. I don't have anybody out of state that could help me til I get on my feet. So I am stuck til I get some employment.

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Hmm - if a governmental agency determined that you were "wrongly terminated" when you applied for unemployment benefits.... I would think that you have some legal recourse to be reinstated with that company. Have you explored this?

Yes but Delaware is an "at will" hire State meaning that employees can hire and fire at will without reason, but if you are deemed at fault for the termination then you don't get unemployment.

The same type of thing has happened with me. At my first RN job, my preceptor was a racist bully. Constantly making disparaging comments about white people. It was a terrible, negative atmosphere and I didn't feel like I would be getting any support or kindness at all. As a new grad, it was going to be too much to take on. So I quit, "the system" claims I am eligible for rehire, but mmm, I think that's a lie. Maybe you can try LTAC or a SNF?

Thank you for the advice. I am trying a variety of avenues to gain some experience, until I can get to where I want to be

OP, I had to take the first job offer when I became a new nurse, even if it wasn't what I wanted. Just find whatever you can. Are you in touch with people from nursing school? The best way to get into a job is to have someone you know get you in. Also where did you do clinicals? Try to contact the floor managers where you did them. Just look for anything! I know a new grad that got hired as a part-time school nurse- she did that for a couple months and it was enough for her to move into a tele unit! Good luck! Don't give up!

Thank you, I have had several people ask me to give them resumes. Some of them had lead to interviews, but majority have not. I am going to keep trying until something comes through. Thank you!


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