Grossmont nursing program, san diego..what should I expect?


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Can you explain the Scripps grant program? I have no idea what that is and reading through these threads only gave me a little more insight? I will do whatever I can to get into nursing school sooner, and if that means having a better chance by working at Scripps, I will do it. THanks for your help


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Sure. To be considered, you have to have the following:

1. Scripps employee for at least one year, with a "satisfactory or higher" annual performance evaluation on file. (they do this once a year to determine whether or not you are eligible for a raise)

2. Write an "essay" of 200 words max. (not much of an essay, more of a personal statement as its just 2 paragraphs) detailing why you want to become an RN

3. Two letters of rec from scripps managers who have worked with you

4. Meet the entrance requirements for Grossmont School of Nursing:

--GPA (cummulative) of 2.5 or higher

-- All science prereq's complete; ie ap1, ap2,micro,eng,math


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good luck everyone. puresass we are almost done!!!


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It has been soo long since I have even had the time to log on to allnurses. The reason for this is obviously that the Grossmont Nursing program has been eating up 95% of my time between work and kids. The amount of reading we have in the first 4 weeks for Nursing 120 alone is in excess of 25 chapters so far.

Then there is Pharmacology where we have already had to read 12 chapters for the upcoming midterm next week.

All I can say is that this program is not for the faint of heart and I applaud any nurse who has survived the Grossmont program :)

I will also say that the teachers are excellent and the simulation labs are amazing. I have never been in such a well equipped learning environment; we have mannequinns that you can actually hear heart/lung/bowell sounds, and even take a blood pressure on. Everything in the lab is filmed (under surveillance) for broadcast on the web so that other nursing students around the globe can watch our skills check offs. In just 3 weeks, we have already learned:

1. Head to toe assessments

2. 2 step BP and apical pulse

3. Urinary Catheterization

This program really makes sure you are competent in your skills before advancing you to the next semester. I cannot believe how much I have learned to do in so little time, and that in just two weeks I will have learned how to start and IV.

Again, I am loving nursing school and cannot say enough praises for the Grossmont program.


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SDMamma -

I'll be taking the Pharm midterm this week, too. I start 110 next week. I'm really nervous about being able to handle the workload. I know I can do it - I just need to be able to manage my time better with kids and school. I'm glad to hear that so far you're enjoying school and learning so much :)


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Thank you! I know what you mean about the balancing act of work/kids and school. For the first week of school, I worked nearly every day after class just so I could rake in hours for these first 4 weeks of class which are so intense. I planned my work schedule so that I would have the next 2 weeks off to focus soley on school. So thus far, I had only to balance the kids and school part. I go back to work this weekend so I will keep you posted on how difficult it is working/schooling/child reering :)

As for the midterm, I will be taking it with the Friday group, as I have clinical orientation from 1-5 thursday and lab 8-12 that day also!! Yikes its coming up quickly isn't it. I really like the response time though on our pharm quizzes and it looks like we just need to know classes of drugs "adrenergics, anticholinergic, antihypertensives, antiarrythmics,...etc" and not actual drug names except whats specifically mentioned on the quizzes. I also think those 2 study guide worksheets (the ungraded ones) will be very helpful. I have not started them yet as I have been so overwhelmed just getting in all the reading and submitting everything on time. It would be awesome if the instructors actually post the answers for those but I don't think they will.

I have heard from other students that Pharm is easy so hopefully that is the case. Anyway, good luck to us both and feel free to PM me on here if you have any questions.


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Hi I'm interested in applying for the program also and was just wondering how long were you on the wait list? Also I heard that they have a contract with Scripps and if you are an employee at Scripps then you have priority on the wait list? Is that right? I just don't know if I should go for my LVN now rather than wait to get accepted into the ADN program?

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