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Just wanted to say hi to all, and say I love this site! Almost two years ago, I was just playing with the thought of being a nurse. And I decided to casually look into it, via the web. Then I happened upon this site a couple of months ago. I can't tell you how much I was inspired to go for it, just from reading the threads.

Big THANK YOU to all the nureses on!

A bit about me...

  • Army Combat Medic '95-'99
  • last jobs were in telecomm
  • decided to change careers and go back to school a couple of months ago... chose medicine a month ago.
  • Looking really hard at Excelsior because my situation won't allow traditional nurse schooling

Going back to school, financing, study systems, time management, etc... all the things I'll need to know and be proficient in, represent a daunting hill to climb at 40 years old. (yeesh!) Daunting,... but definetly doable!

  • and I'm determined to "gidder done!"
  • I think I'll make a good nurse

I'm soliciting to any and all... for help, support, and guidance.

And I thank you all ahead of time. This is a great, and much needed forum.


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We're glad you joined us. Feel free to look through the forum and post any questions that you have. You'll find a lot of Excelsior-related info here and many Excelsior students and graduates (such as myself) check in on a regular basis.


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Thanx man. Will do!

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Good luck to you.

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Congrats on a gutsy decision. I understand the sense of daunting involced in heading back to school. Best wishes to you!

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Hello and Welcome to AllNurse, RTMason!

Keep us posted on your progress in school.

And THANK YOU for your prior service!



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Thank you all! The support here is sorely appreciated.

I will definetly keep you posted.

AllNurses rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Does anyone have any tips/notes on how hursing concepts 5 was with Excelsior?

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