gratitude for staff at clinical site


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We are wanting to do something nice for the staff on the floor we work for clinical rotation (surg/peds), our instructor has offered to pay for it, any ideas? pizza, candy? something less obvious would be nice...


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We are wanting to do something nice for the staff on the floor we work for clinical rotation (surg/peds), our instructor has offered to pay for it, any ideas? pizza, candy? something less obvious would be nice...

Food, any type, as long as it can be gulped down in 30 seconds or so.

Perhaps a bagel basket wold fill the bill, not to sweet, and gets the day off to a reasonable start.



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You should bring in a really big basket of muffins and put it in the break room with a card. If they have a break room. Yeess it kinda romantic-comedy-esque, but still, who dosent like muffins?

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My Junior nursing class got together once and organized a luncheon, with each of us bringing a covered dish. I think I brought homemade banana pudding, and one of my classmates brought a a huge taco salad...the best I have ever eaten in my life! It was a lot of fun, and the nursing staff was very surprised and appreciative of our token of gratitude. :)


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Any food is always appreciated. Something that doesn't require refrigeration/heat is probably best that can be eaten on the run.

If they have truly gone above and beyond the call of duty (as we had nurses one semester that did for us.) We all wrote letters about what we had learned about nursing from them and our instructor bound them together for the nurses. They loved it. You can be creative, or humorous with it. We had this one nurse on the floor we called the candy fairy, who used to run around and put candies in our pockets in the afternoon.

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We bought bagels for the main unit we were in. We also bought boxes of See's candy for the OR, GI lab, Cath lab, and ACU for letting us send students in daily.


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Every clinical group I've been in has brought food....last semester we had a nice meat/cheese deli tray with breads, homemade fudge, spinach dip with chips, homemade cookies, a homemade chocolate cake, that cream cheese w/jezebel sauce that's GREAT...that's just what I remember off the top of my head

The staff were estatic...they ate every last crumb :lol2:

We'll probably do something similar this semester. The staff on the unit we're on has gone above and beyond helping us in our last semester.

Now to think of a really nice gift for our instructor. She has been a God-send!!


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How about a letter to the DON in addition. I know my boss gets nasty grams about us but very few positive.


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How about a letter to the DON in addition.

that's a wonderful idea...the nurses have been great, the aides on the other hand....:uhoh21: ....

what do you guys think about instructor gifts? i can't say that she's been particularly helpful, it's her first quarter instructing and has been out of the clinical setting for a LONG time, but she tries really hard. I think she is getting discouraged at times...:icon_hug: she could use some positive reinforcement.

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We did this after are stint through LTC last week. We brought yummy cut sandwiches from Costco, big tub of brownies, individual bags of chips, a box of 30 candy bars (the good ones) and a ice chest of ice cold bottled water plus a nice card. One person said thanks and the med nurse still refused to allow us to pass some meds, said we were in the way. Oh well. Now we are unsure if this lunch thing should continue. We were greatful and didn't expect all this sappy hugs of gratitude for bringing lunch, but it seems as though they didn't even care. We are in the same facility, but going to sub acute care next week. I don't mind doing it, but some of the others might find it harder to cough up the money. I did spend a lot of time purchasing and getting things prepared. We spent $70 total and we don't even know if they ate it.


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My clinical group always brought in breakfast. Each of us brought something different from donut holes/pastries to fruit salad to coffee. It was always appreciated and usually inhaled within the hour.

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I do not remember my clinical classes always doing something for the site, we did always get some sort of basket it seems for the instructor. usually odds and ends stuff ex. pens b/c hers went dry almost daily or soomeone always borrowed one, bandaids with odd designs b/c she has kids at home and always carried bandaids in her pockets at clinicals etc.

For the actual clinical site I think when we got something it was a thank you card signed by all and a basket full of chocolates. The card says thanks and the chocolate was quick to grab and eat. (I know chocolate always helps a little) :roll