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I am a nursing student who has a hard time coming up with the money for my tuition. I have heard that there is a lot of unused money out there but I have no idea where to look!!! does anyone have any suggestions??? It would really help me out a great deal.


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Try Fastweb... they're pretty good.

Good Luck!



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Have you talked to your Financial Aid Advisor at your school? They were a big help for me.

Good Luck!



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you lot are making me feel alot beter i may be skint and up to my neck in deat be at least hear in the UK i dont and have to pay fees and get some money of the gov for the work we do on the wards £5000 a year which just about cover my rent but compared to you lot i'm rich:D ::D :D


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Try calling every club or civic organization in your town. They sometimes have money for scholarships (Ruritan, Moose, etc.). Also, some churches give scholarships within their own denominations. Read the newspaper also. Sometimes there are scholarships posted there. Have you thought about nursing loans that can be worked off if you work within your state? Where I live you can borrow $3000 a year and it works off at $471.00 a month if you work full-time after graduation. You can get it paid off pretty quick! Vocational Rehab. can sometimes help too!

Good luck!


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thank you all so much for your advice and help. I will be looking into all those options!!


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8OBeth, I am also a British Nursing student, and all I can say is I wish I got that much money!!! By anychance are you ont he diploma course?? because a lot of my friends are and I really wish i had becasue then i could net a bursery like that!!! I think mine was £2000 a year with £658 from the student loan company it only just covers my rent!!!:rolleyes:

I hope you find some money from somewhere j_filgate

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