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Can anyone help me find reputable scholarships and grants? It seems like everything I click on directs you to another site and I don't want to be involved in identity theft or some scam. This is the first time I'm applying for grants or scholarships.


Have you talked to the financial aid office of your school? In my case, they had lots of good information about legitimate grant and scholarship programs (including knowing what the criteria were, so I didn't waste my time running after awards I wouldn't qualify for).

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I have had the same issue. Either I don't qualify for them due to location/ethnicity, or I can't find the place on their webpage to apply. I'll be in contact with my financial aid to see what I can do.


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Someone told me to try the app "Scholly" it is all about scholarships

I did try to ask my student financial advisor and he doesn't seem to have any good information for me. He is very by the books and robot like. I will check out scholly.