Graduated 2 years ago and still haven't taken NCLEX


I am starting to study for it now and I am just really nervous. I completed an accelerated program which took me 36 months to earn my BSN. The reason I waited for so long was because my father was sick and I needed to spend time with him. Now that his health is looking up, I am ready to get back into focusing on my career. Any advice for what I should use? I forget everything including how to sign up for the NCLEX (I am looking that up online right now) but any piece of advice you may have for me will help.

Thank you in advance!

Take hurst review course! You can do it online or find a live review! I took NCLEX yesterday and I feel that hurst really helped! The only draw back is the cost but for how much it costs to take NCLEX you would want to pass the first time. And they have a guarantee! You should check into it!!!


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Many of the companies have guarantees - not just Hurst.


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There is a great course and it is called "Review for Nurse" it is by an RN names Sally L. and she also teaches at a University in California. It is really an amazing course. I took that course and passed with the minimum number of questions. This after failing the NCLEX once before. The first time I wrote the NCLEX I sat for something like 6 hours staring at the computer screen wondering what the heck was I doing there. But the second time I felt more prepared. Some of the questions, I had no idea but worked thru it with the suggestions that Sally had on her course and wa la it worked. Good luck with the test, just remember to take a breath and don't rush into answering the questions.