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This is a vent.....

To make a very long story short, I graduated from RN school in 2008, took and past NCLEX, had an RNA position but lost it (hind sight being 20/20 shouldn't have accepted the job). Moved out of state for a chance at a job that didn't work out due to my own darn fault and moved back home. I don't have the best resume in the world, but I can't get interviews anymore....ANYWHERE. I'm even eligible for rehire at one place, but can't even get an interview. I can't apply to the VA since the school I went to isn't NLN accredited yet and VA has changed their requirements. I tried the local military base and they want 1 years experience. I've recently applied for a few RN positions within my state and haven't heard anything back yet, which is a good thing since one hospital system I applied with would send a rejection email within 2-3 days of my applying.

I know most all of this is my fault due to choices I made several years ago as far as leaving jobs. I can't fix anything unless and until I get a job. I now believe I made a horrible mistake going to get my RN degree even though I was getting tired of being told where I could and could not work as an LPN. At least as an LPN I could work agency while looking for a full time job, now I can't even do that. Fortunately things aren't horrible as I have a supportive hubby, and new baby, and a supportive mom whom we are living with. It's just pride wise that's shot as well as confidence...don't have any. If anyone were to ask me whether to go to school to become a nurse, I'd have to honestly tell them to not do it. Even though I love the school I went too, if I had it to do over I should have gone to the community college so I'm not limited to where I can apply due to some piece of paper my school doesn't have. Doesn't matter that we all take the same licensing exam does it.

It's now time to renew my license for the 3rd time, and for the 3rd time I have to list unemployed on it. I'm also wondering if I have to take an RN refresher course since I've been out of school and work so long?

You can't get work at an LTC?


Where are you located? Nurseweek is a good source to go to find out about upcoming job fairs....go to and click on the tab--events. They have a list of upcoming job fairs, maybe one of those listed is near your area. Usually at these job fairs, they have alot of reps from local hospitals and other medical facilities that come...maybe you could go. Be sure you bring extra copies of your resume! And if your worried about your resume, see if you can google sample resumes, or search here on, they have many examples. Maybe you could tweak yours...just a thought, but hope this helps you!

Here is another thread where I posted links to sample resumes. Hope it helps!

Best of luck! :)

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You sound very very frustrated with things that happened with your career choices in the past. I realize this must be very hard, but perhaps directing these thoughts towards a more future oriented task might help.

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I've redone my resume so many times I've lost count and have enlisted help in doing so. My job history is the problem as well as my time since graduation. LTC around where I'm at all want ADON and I'm not ADON material. I haven't given up finding a med/surg job. Just venting on how frustrating it is to keep applying and to get rejected without an interview, especially when I'm eligible for rehire at one of the places I've applied to.

I don't even post to AN much anymore.

I have too many acronyms in my head, what does ADON stand for?


ADON = Assistant Director of Nursing

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