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graduate 2009, wanted to take NCLEX RN. Dont know which state i am eligible. pls help :(


I took a BSN degree and graduated last 2009 in the Philippines. I don't have a License and I don't have any experience. presently I am now living here in Texas, working as a Patient care assistant in Methodist Hospital. I was thinking of pursuing my Nursing, I don't know which state I am eligible to take that is a compact state in Texas. I already called texas BON and they told me I am not eligible to take here since its been awhile I graduated my nursing and they want me to go back to school. I hope somebody would be able to help my inquiries ...

I would contact the Texas BRN again and ask if an RN refresher course would be sufficient. I can't see repeating nursing school just because you graduated in 2009.

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There are a lot of folks with much more expertise on the subject of foreign grads and NCLEX. But, I doubt whether TX BON has any mechanism for licensure of an unlicensed foreign graduate from 6 years ago. The compact state mechanism is irrelevant because OP is not a licensed nurse. Even if she were a US grad, she would need to go back to school in order to qualify for NCLEX since it has been 6 years since graduation.

The 'quickest' process would be completing nursing school in the US. There may be schools willing to offer advanced placement in order to minimize duplication.

I think it's worth mentioning that it's become increasingly common to see BSN graduates of schools in the Phillipines being asked to take additional courses; the BSN there and here are not equivalent, so there is the need to take more coursework to make up the difference.

When you add that to the fact that a low number of foreign graduates pass the NCLEX.... and it's also well-known that the longer you are out of school the harder it gets....AND the OP has not worked as a nurse at all in the 6 years since she/he graduated.....the odds of success are NOT in his/her favor. I don't think it's wise to take on the time and expense that would be required in order to attempt successful licensing by starting with the BoN at this time.

I agree with HouTx; you would probably get to licensing faster just by going through an ADN program (pre-requisites are already done, IF they are accepted by the school of course).

I would check the National Council for Licensure Examination (NCLEX).


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Three ways possible:

1). Go as any other international nurse graduate, through CGFNS. You will remain "foreign grad" with all the sequela. Total cost probably will be comparable with option 2, as you will have to do lots of expensive paperwork and quite a bit of study by yourself.

2). Evaluate your diploma (ECE | Educational Credential Evaluators) and see where your coursework stays. Then shop around for school which will let you to bring it to US BSN equivalent. Contact BON of your State before doing it as it is not allowed in every state, AFAIK, but it will be probably cheapest way to get you license as you may only need a few courses done or redone.

3).Evaluate diploma as above and go full way though school second time. It will be longer and more expensive but that way you'll be counted as US grad, no other questions asked. If you want to go for graduate school in the future, this is the only way to go unless you ready to settle for a diploma mill. Accelerated programs may be more receptive to your situation and quicker but they cost more as well.

Whatever way you go, keep your visa/citizenship business in precise order and know where you are staying in there. You not only must be legally allowed to work in the USA but also pass FBI fingerprinting for school/some jobs background checks.

Good luck!