2014 grads: anyone getting a class ring?


I didn't get a class ring for high school because I hated my experience and I didn't need a reminder of how much it sucked, lol

However, I've enjoyed nursing school and I want to commemorate it with a class ring! I don't have one and I finally feel like I "deserve" one.

So, who's getting one? What's popular?


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In my personal opinion, don't get it. I remember begging my parents to get me one in high school and unfortunately they ended up spending about $700 on it. After you graduate and enter college, who wants to wear their old (new) class ring? It got about a month of use during the last weeks of high school and that's it. I still feel bad for making them purchase it for me. When I graduate, I want to be looking forward to the future; what's next? I won't care too much about a class ring that signifies my achievement since my license and career does that already.

But if you really want it then go for it.


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I second MedicalPartisan. Same thing happened to me (not quite $700 worth). I ended up losing mine.


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I am getting a new diamond for my engagement ring. I lost the original diamond out of it the one day I forgot to take it off at clinicals (I always wear my wedding band but always...except for this one day...take off my engagement ring before going to the hospital). I would venture to guess that it got lost down the sink washing my hands during OB clinical -.- So I told my husband that's what he can get me for graduation LOL


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Nope. I know I'll never wear it. I'm getting my pin (silver, no gold or 2 point diamond or whatever), and that's enough for me. I'll get a nice frame for my diploma with the university seal on it. Graduating from college is a big achievement for me- first in my immediate family, and I'm 34, but I don't feel like the money would be well spent on a class ring. I can think of a lot of better ways to spend it!


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You'll be getting a pin, my school gives us caps too.