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I just got my nur 100 grade and I am dissapointed that I didnt do better.I got an 83.7 and exactly 1/2 of the class failed.( I think that I am one of those folk who are grade psychos.) Anyway I am thankful I passed but I wanted to do better.

ps I did study..ALOT

Anyway I was just venting . Thanks 4 listening:confused:


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Hugs to you. I think nursing school is extremely challenging and a good portion of A students all of a sudden become B students. Think about how great a B is though when half failed. A B in this class is worth more than an A in a lot of other classes. Chin up, you're doing terrific!



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I have been told by many nursing students to get over trying to get A's in nursing classes, because it will rarely happen. Where I go the grading scale is tougher. Right now, I have a 95% in the class. If I miss one more point on the next 2 tests I am already at an A-. If I miss more than 5 points on the next 2 tests, I am at a B. So in my opinion, don't try to psych yourself out thinking you have to get A's in your nursing classes. If you do, you are only setting yourself up for disappointment.

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You guys are scaring me about nursing

I'm still trying to grasp the concept of how much different it is than the pre-reqs and how much more time consuming it will be.

I know some people who tell me nursing school is not any harder and then I hear you all talking about it and half the class failing tests, dropping out, etc



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Nursing School is harder than my Pre-Reqs were. The questions are worded in a way that you have to understand the concept behind them to get them right. I guess an easier way to put it would be that you have to "think critically" through the questions and then choose the answer that is the "most" correct!!

It is definately the most challenging thing I have ever done (academically). I have a feeling that I have only seen the "tip of the iceberg" so far. I am in my first semester of the ADN program.


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When you are out there working you have to think critically all the time, that is if you are a nurse that cares about patient outcomes and not just a paycheck. The difference is there is no one to "grade" you, your grade is the outcome of the patiient. Not as clear cut as grades on a test. Point is, don't get hung up on grades necessarily. Every person excels in some area of content, trick is, will the test ask you stuff you are really good at. Same in reality, some patient situations you will be very skilled at, others not so skilled, that is when it is time to ask for help from your peers on the job.

Another way to look at it, what do they call an RN that finished nursing school with a 4.0 and an RN that finished with a 3.0?

Answer: RN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I am in my first semester of a two year program. On our first test only 7 people out of 72 passed!! Talk about scary! The second test only 23 people passed.

These tests are supposed to be difficult. If they were easy everyone would be RN's and there wouldn't be a shortage. Hang in there.

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