3.06 gpa, But pretty good core science grades...Still have a chance?

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Hi everyone,

Im currently a sophmore at a 4 year college. BUT I want to explore my options In other nursing programs. I have an overall gpa of 3.06(Low yes im aware) But my core science grades(micro, A&P I & II,etc.) Consists of "B+'s","B's","B-'s", an One "C" :( .....Im asking you all if you still think i hav a chance?? whether you knew someone in the same situation as me an MADE IT? Im looking forward to hearing from all of you thanks!! :)

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It all depends on the school. Most BSN programs require at least a 3.0 to apply, but most students accepted have 3.5 or above. (This is what I've seen around my area.) Community colleges are another option, they often have a lower GPA requirement but have a long waiting list. Check your options.

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