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From the previous posts I've read the VA hiring process is pretty long and drawn out. I've applied to two different VA sites. The VA an hour away from my home I can always get in contact with a nurse... Read More

  1. by   TBBRN2011
    Quote from krwrnbsn
    The hiring process at the VA is long and grueling. It took about 3 months for me to get officially hired. I kept in touch with the nurse manager and nurse recruiter. I probably talked to the nurse manager every other week. Best of luck!
    Do you know what the hold up was?
  2. by   Vona86
    It's like that in every department. I got hired in the pharmacy (interviewed in Jan. 2010 and start date was 4/12/10) and now I'm at IUPUI getting my BSN that they are happy to pay for...great thing about the VA is that you can transfer to any VAMC in the world and not have to retake the NCLEX :-)
  3. by   dreamjob2013
    I am so happy to participate in this thread. Any support is well worth it. I applied for an outpatient RN position last month. My status states eligible, referred to selecting officials. I spoke with the HR staff last week and was informed that well over 100 applicants applied. I am very passionate about this position, but not sure what to think? I haven't received any other updates at this time. I check the website regularly and I am constantly thinking and praying for an interview. In the meantime, I can rely on this blog to hear some positive insight. Congrats and Good Luck to everyone who has made progress in the hiring process!
  4. by   TBBRN2011
    Has anyone heard about the VA hiring freeze?
  5. by   Vona86
    They said there is a hiring freeze but there are still jobs posted on I don't believe it
  6. by   TBBRN2011
    Quote from Vona86
    They said there is a hiring freeze but there are still jobs posted on I don't believe it
    I'm just confused! I was done with everything and waiting to be offered a salary. When I called to check, she said she received word of the freeze!
  7. by   pfchang
    I finally got an email from a nurse recruiter today saying I was "tentatively" selected for a position. I know nothing of a freeze but I sure hope that hasn't happened to the two jobs I applied to. I applied to both in Feb2013 and had interviews for both in mid-March. References were called for the first position the day after the interview. I had heard nothing since then until I contacted an HR person in late May who told me I was second for one job and first for the other but no add'l info was available on time frames. Thanks to this board for the encouragement to call them.

    I asked the nurse recruiter this am about time frame and she said she hopes to send a letter with details late this week and that it will be a minimum of 6 weeks after she gets paperwork back from me and my references. Can anyone tell me what to expect from this point?

    Also, does anyone have info about the process for establishing salary? I have an RN diploma and BA in a different field, with teaching, training, and some supervisory experience. If anyone has links to additional info, I would appreciate it. Thanks so much.

    Edited to add that at this point it has been 3 months since interviews and 3 1/2 since application.
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  8. by   ironjohn31
    RN1253 - I am also in the process of getting hired by the VA in Dallas. I have a tentative offer also and most of my references have been checked. I spoke with the recruiter this afternoon and did not hear anything about a hiring freeze at the VA. (I hope not with all that I have been through...)

    I was also given my starting salary since I have submitted all my papers to the Nursing Board in Dallas. If you need more info on what paperwork you will need for the nursing board, you can PM me.
  9. by   pfchang
    I don't even feel that I have a "tentative offer." She just wrote "tentatively selected." I can not even imagine why it takes so long. What is the holdup? Having worked in business and in the healthcare jobs I have, I would like to shadow the people involved in HR to understand their process. I know every organization has its processes and I would truly like to understand. ironjohn21, I will PM you.
  10. by   pfchang
    Ironjohn31, i have been looking as to how to PM you and can't find anything.
  11. by   okcool
    Hi everyone. This thread has given me a lot of information about the VA hiring process and was wodnering if anyone could help me with a dilemma I have.

    I have been selected and am currently doing all my pre-employment paperwork. VetPro and Eqip has been sent in. Still waiting on my physical to be scheduled. On the other hand, I have just been invited to interview at another VA for their RN residency program. I don't want to lose an opportunity to work for the VA, but I don't know if I should take the interview since I've been selected for a position already. What do you guys think?
  12. by   ironjohn31
    I think we need to have over 10 postings before PM will work. Weird. Give me your email and I can email you.

    I spoke with my recruiter again today and she reassured me that there was no hiring freeze at the VA where I am going to work. I did my physical, VetPro, background check, and all references have responded. So I am just waiting for the "official" offer sometime this week. It has been a long and frustrating process, I am thankful it's finally coming to an end (soon). Will update when I finally get the official letter of employment.
  13. by   ironjohn31
    okcool - so what's the difference with the two VA positions?