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This type of career is a interest to me but I do have a few questions. What exactly is the description of a Officer? What role in the navy or any branch does the officer Nurse corp fit? What is a... Read More

  1. by   jammies805
    Certainly is something to think about!
  2. by   jammies805
    Hello All! I have another question for you all. What all exactly does the Naval Clinic in Great Lakes do? What I've been told is there is no inpatient stuff whatsoever. As a nurse what type of experience would I get there?
  3. by   bhusn
    I haven't served there as a nurse, but I can tell you that the clinic there is responsible for the health and wellbeing of EVERY SINGLE RECRUIT that ever comes into the Navy (and all the people who train them). LOTS of blisters, sprains, cuts, burns, dehydration, hypochondriases, etc
  4. by   spongebob6286
    glad i found this specialty tab. i asked a question about navy nurses on a graduate nurse forum. do a nurse get to undergo months of training before he can join in the navy? i am very much interested in navy nurse, where can i speak to a health care recruiter?

    thank you!
  5. by   sassysoldier
    where do you live? I'm headed to my recruiters office in about 30 min to 1 hr I can get a contact for you.
  6. by   spongebob6286
    Quote from sassysailor
    where do you live? I'm headed to my recruiters office in about 30 min to 1 hr I can get a contact for you.
    i will send u a PM
  7. by   JOONKA
    Hello all, am considering the Nurse corps am not sure which service as yet. I am starting the research now. I have been a nurse 4.5 yrs with 4 yrs of ICU nursing with CCRN certification and 16 yrs prior enlisted navy. Does any one know if entry level rank comensurates with nursing experience?. For example with 4 yrs of nursing experience would I be able to start at lets say 02?. Thank for any info in advance.
  8. by   sw224439
    Hey I noticed that you put down Portsmouth,Va as your top choice. Are you stationed there now? I am suppose to be going there after I finish with ODS in September.
  9. by   Riversurfer

    30 y/o male, BSN completion in Dec. 09, looking at Air Force or Navy as an opportunities to build my skills. I see that you work ER in San Diego. Can you tell me anything about the ICU's there in San Diego, or even the ones on the east coast? I just completed a summer, six-week ICU internship and loved it. I love the acuity and autonomy (and just plain love bells, whistles, gadgets, and toys) of the patients there. So, to say the least, I want to work in critical care. I'm happy and willing to work a year or two in generel med/surg and know that will be required of me. Is it competitive to get into a Navy ICU training program? Do many of them graduate to CRNA schooling? Do you treat only Navy and Marine soldiers, or do you service any of the general population too? Thank you

  10. by   Riversurfer

    I spent four summers in AK and loved. How did you get started as a bush nurse? Did you go through Indian Health Services? How were the pay and benefits? I think it would be great to learn those critical thinking skills very quickly in a setting like that.

  11. by   bvincen3
    Hello im new to this site and had a few questions about the navy nurse program. I was just recently selected but now im waiting for the boards to review my application. What does this mean? Do i have a good chance.