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  1. Hello everyone

    This is my first new post. First off a bit about my history. I served almost 5 years as an Hospital Corpsman with the fleet marines. I loved my time in and my service. I am also very happy about being in the reserve now. But after nursing school and 2 years of experience. I have been thinking of reentering into the military as a Nurse and an Officer. I know all the military nurses I met were all very happy with their profession. I can retire in my 40s, or stay in longer. It really is kind of a sweet deal. I really only left the military so I could get into school faster with less paperwork. So maybe it is time for me to go back in. But I do love living right over the California beach, as I am now. Just thinking to myself, I guess.
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  3. by   Whispera
    I went to grad school with two people who were in the military reserves. One was a major and the other was a colonel. They said they enjoyed the work and the service was paying for their NP schooling. They were going to retire with very very great benefits and a nice retirement pension...
  4. by   rambleandwrite
    I am a 1LT in the Army Reserves right now. I am finishing up my BSN an am trying to go active duty. If I can get in the Army will pay back up to 120k for my student loans, give me a 10k sign on bonus and give me one of the best training out there. I will be working with wonderful individuals and have terrific benefits. Plus, as you know they will pay for my NP. I can't see any other company doing that. Go Army!!!
  5. by   GOAFNURSE
    Hi I am an Air Force Nurse and prior navy dental technician. I have been in the AF 14 years and moved 7 bases and love every duty station...ok except "Mountain Home, ID". I am 42 and retiring next year. Looking forward to collecting my military pension at 43 and work part time on the ward for play money and do some volunteer work. Plus travel once a year to an island retreat because my husband is a diver and has to get his fix:-)

    One thing about the airforce is you can advance to management pretty early in your career if you chose to do so. Being a "Nurse" is not enough for promotion, you have to involved yourself in extra duty/ projects and advance degree. Looking back, I am glad and proud to have an opportunity to serve at the same time ready for my retirement. I also have an opportunity to live / visit other countries and developed some life long friendships with people from all ever US and Foreign countries. Currently, I am in northern Ca at Travis AFB which is a nice location but Okinawa Japan...I will always miss. Talking about Island Living!

    Bottomline, military nursing is the way to go even if it's just for 1 assignment. My first 4 years I spend 1 year in US and 3 years over choice. Air Force have awesome recruiting bonus and clinical career field retaining bonus (i.e. you get bonus if you are certified in Med Surg and work on the inpatient unit). By the way, the AF will pay for 1 certification, CEU's and advance degree.

    Navy has SanDiego Naval Hospital. I am sure you'll be able to get an assigment there.....just make sure that it is in writing before you sign the dotted line. (GOAFNURSE)
  6. by   KatyAtlanta
    Do you know the upper age limit for any/all services?
  7. by   GOAFNURSE
    I am sure it is 47 for direct commission to AF nurse corp. You recruiter or chief nurse can probably give you a definite answer. Not sure about Navy and Army.
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  8. by   ElvishDNP
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  9. by   HippyGreenPeaceChick
    I am still pondering my decision to possibly go back in. Lots of nice benefits. Traveling. Helping out military personel some of whom really need good help. After all the stress the Gov't has put them through. I do strongly believe in supporting the troops. Besides I look so good in uniform also.
  10. by   klyders
    dude..........before you do anything.........go to (THE UNITED STATES PUBLIC HEALTH SERVICE)

    the SWEETEST deal around for those w/or w/o MILITARY EXPERIENCE........
  11. by   GOAFNURSE
    What are you waiting for HippyGreenPeaceChick. We need you! I am ready to step down so that younger generation like yourself can move us forward! Since you are prior military it would be easy and the pay / benefit is better! I am 19 months to retirement and will be collecting my pension at age 43 plus still young enough to start another career! If I am physically able, I would stay in longer! I am on my third foot surgery and getting hard to stay fit which the AF is big on now. Time to hang up the running shoes and move on;-) I hope you decide..... which branch really does not matter! Good luck! I've been in both Navy and AF... I have to admit that I do miss the Navy!
  12. by   HippyGreenPeaceChick
    I have decided to reenlist. I am even being given a very nice reenlist bonus. I will do it a later this year, as I have a very active summer planned. 3 marathons. Also a entire summer of beach activities. But as you said I will be able to retire at 44 if I desire to do so. The Navy gave me the sweetest deal. I am really looking forward to it.
  13. by   jeckrn
    Good for you, sounds like you are happy with your decision. Did you reenlisted or assess as an officer?
  14. by   GOAFNURSE
    Good deal! Navy does have better deal:-) and better uniform:-) Good luck and have a blast this summer!