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  1. KatyAtlanta

    Columbus Tech Summer 2010

    I used the text for the 2103 class, just skimmed thru and mostly paid attention to the terms and definitions. I remember how cold that room was! I always had a sweater, even in July!
  2. KatyAtlanta

    Columbus Tech Summer 2010

    Hi Eniles2, Paeonia & Constance, Congratulations to you all! Here are a few tips on the books you've mentioned. I haven't seen your list, but I expect you're to get Kozier & Erbs Fundamentals (a fat white book) and the accompanying workbook. You'll use the K&E all the way thru school; it's that important. I've heard you don't have to do the workbook anymore, but do it anyway. You'll be very surprised how many things you'll recognize on tests! Look online for books. I've had pretty good luck with half.com and amazon (both new & used). I haven't used eBay, but know some who have and they've been pleased. Second, and this is just a personal preference, I really wouldn't go the rollybag route. I lugged books in a messenger bag for a while, but then realized I didn't really need them in class. Most of the teachers use PowerPoint presentations. Some of them post either the slides or an outline (Burger) of the lecture ahead of time. I did best when I read the book at home, printed the PowerPoint to take to class to take notes on, then reviewed the parts of the book that the PowerPoint covered at home. Again, this is just my preference, but sometimes the lecture won't exactly follow the book order, so I'd be fussing over finding a place when I needed to be concentrating on the lecture. (Also, you walk a ways from the parking area sometimes. The rollybags are cumbersome & they're a pain in the rain.) Good luck with whatever way works best for you! Oh! Another thing...there is an exemption test for 2103. It isn't hard; you only have to get a 70 or 80, I forgot. But I got 12 points over the requirement, and didn't study all that long for it. It used to cost $25 to take the test, but if you pass you get a refund for the tuition for that class. Check with the learning center. What did you think of your orientation? Did the current seniors give you any good info? Take care, and best of luck to you all!
  3. KatyAtlanta

    Columbus Tech Summer 2010

    Well the bright side is that you'll likely get an A and that will help with your overall GPA later. If you test out, you only get a Pass/Fail so you don't get the points to help raise the GPA if those nursing Bs start to creep in!
  4. KatyAtlanta

    Need A Good Bag For School????

    Melosaur, I couldn't agree with you more! I read the chapters before lecture. I bring only my binder to class and take very good notes. My heavy books stay at home! Then I put it all together to study. It took me a whole term to realize that I wasn't gaining anything by lugging those books into lecture. I actually think I'm able to pay more attention to what is being said when I'm not busy finding it in the book. Plus, it's nice to travel light. I can't imagine pulling one of those libraries on wheels!
  5. KatyAtlanta

    Columbus Tech Summer 2010

  6. KatyAtlanta

    Nurse Jackie UWGA RN-BSN Project

    Are you serious? This is a television show. Frankly, I think it's one of the most entertaining shows on now. I can't see how it in anyway damages the "image" of dedicated, hardworking, professional nurses. For the record, I also love The Sopranos, The Tudors and Mad Men. Neither I nor any of my friends are so intellectually challenged that we confuse Italians, Brits or anyone from the 60s with the stereotypes portrayed therein. Another thought...Nurse Jackie caricatures the doctors even more than the nurses. Will we begin to hear whining from the AMA?
  7. Of course Chemistry helps you become a good nurse! EVERYTHING we learn helps us to become better nurses. I happen to think that everything we learn helps us to become better companions, friends, mothers, fathers, spouses, neighbors, etc. Why wouldn't we want to learn everything we can? AND, why wouldn't we want to keep it up throughout our lives, long after we've passed the NCLEX???
  8. KatyAtlanta

    nursing program without waitlist

    This is only a bit off topic... I don't understand the "waiting list". At our school, you might be wait-listed only until they see if all the first round acceptances take the spots offered. If someone who gets in decides not to take the spot, then it'll pass to the next most qualified applicant. However, that only applies until classes begin, then all bets are off. If you don't get in that year you re-apply and compete again the next year. When a school is said to have a "two year waiting list" does that mean that spaces in future classes are promised to students who don't make the cut in a given year? And does this mean, for example that a 2007 applicant with a 3.25 GPA and a 75th percentile RN-PAX could possibly take a 2009 admission slot over a 2009 applicant with a 3.5 GPA and a 90th percentile RN-PAX??? That doesn't seem fair. Just asking for clarification. Thanks!
  9. KatyAtlanta

    Female nurse uniform

    I think it looks very much like the Aeroflot stewardess uniforms from the 70s!
  10. KatyAtlanta

    Nurse Stereotypes and the White Cap...

    If no one should comment on nurses wearing Sponge-Bob scrubs and Crocs, why is it okay to criticize nurses who wish to wear their caps? I think there are quite a few nurses who are proud of their caps and would wear them from time to time if other nurses didn't smirk and treat them like dinosaurs!
  11. KatyAtlanta

    male nurse sexism? L&D in the ICU

    alsmedic, I completely agree with you. I'd be very offended. I'm sorry this happened to you. I really curious about the nurse manager...you posted, "Ultimitely, I ended up taking this issue up with the RN manager. Who by the way is a male for 30+ years and completely agrees that this is unacceptable behavior." Was he once a female? (Sorry, couldn't resist!)
  12. KatyAtlanta

    Night Shift?

    We are not allowed to attend our clinicals if we have worked past 11:30pm on the night before. It's a safety issue. You might be able to do the night shift while you're getting your pre-reqs, but I wouldn't count on being allowed to do it in NS.
  13. KatyAtlanta

    Male Nurses

  14. Okay, this won't be popular...we're "supposed" to be able to do everything, but have you considered postponing school until your youngest begins kindergarten? Maybe you can get some pre-reqs done online. Then you can enjoy your children, they can enjoy their mommy and you'll get outside to see if there are children in the neighborhood. Plus, you'll be able to see your husband when he's not sleeping! Like I said, this won't be popular, but its undeniable that school will still be around whenever you decide to go, but your children won't stay little very long at all.
  15. KatyAtlanta

    Pointers for Success in Nursing School

    Thank you so much for your reply! You're very kind to share your personal experiences. Now I won't feel odd or uncomfortable about choosing to study on my own.
  16. KatyAtlanta

    Pointers for Success in Nursing School

    VickyRN, Your post are so helpful. When I log in and see your name, it's the first post I click on! I have a question that is "slightly" related to this thread...do you have any suggestions for those of us who struggle with study groups/group projects? I'm an older student. I am always careful to be respectful of my fellow students. I am very private about my grades and test scores (they've been quite high, but I don't tell.) I get along just fine with everybody at school, but I find I study much better at home, alone. I don't doubt my ability to be a "team player" when a team is needed, but I wonder if I'm missing something important by not wanting to be part of a study group? So many posters credit their study groups with much of their success. Have you had students who did just as well on their own? Is it just a difference in learning styles? Or is this something I need to make myself learn to do? Thank you for sharing your perspectives with us!