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  1. rambleandwrite

    Student Bullying

    I am sorry that some of you feel my story is bogus. It is not a lie or made up. Yes, I tried to go through the chain of command as taught by the military. When the President and Dean of the university refused to take my complaint as being real, various classmates went on my behalf to show not only their concern but as witnesses to the fact. Two of my classmates were told by the individual that they would do what they could to "mess me up professionally". This individual was asked to leave a prior program before coming to this one. The person on the outside is a fellow professional, who knows many individuals in the medical community. I expressed to them my frustration and disappointment about how this matter was handled. They advised me to do what I have already done. They did say "don't rock the boat" because I am close to graduating. That is the person who went to the Assistant Dean and expressed a concern on my behalf. Two days later I was called in to the Dean's office and told to drop it (they would hate for me not to complete the program) was their words. One of the posts came from one of my classmates...we can't identify the school or area at this time because of fear of repercussion from administration. I asked my classmates what they thought about posting this on the site...some were for it, some weren't. It is hard to understand someone elses position. And as noted already I have been accussed of lying and not being forthcoming. I have waited 20 years to complete this degree...I have spent close to 70k to complete and I hate not being able to pressure them into doing the right thing. I am sleighted to do the MSN with this school but am not sure if I will at this point. The individual who threatened me, did so because I stated that their behaviors were unprofessional. They lie about every event that takes place. Hardly anyone in our class associates with this person because of their behaviors. There is only one person who sits by this individual while were in class. Administration is very much aware of their behavior but does little to control it. At this point I feel it has to do with money. I have had no interaction with this person since the event took place but still this person continues their negative behavior towards me-verbally. I am not going to apologize to anyone for trying to complete program with the least amount of stress. But I will contact the state board when I am done and give them the documentation and let them decide if they want to do anything against the school or the individual. Oh, on that subject are school has provisional status right now. I would like to thank the one's who did support me. Thank You.
  2. rambleandwrite

    Military Nursing Question

    I am a 1LT in the Army Reserves right now. I am finishing up my BSN an am trying to go active duty. If I can get in the Army will pay back up to 120k for my student loans, give me a 10k sign on bonus and give me one of the best training out there. I will be working with wonderful individuals and have terrific benefits. Plus, as you know they will pay for my NP. I can't see any other company doing that. Go Army!!!
  3. rambleandwrite

    Student Bullying

    Thank you everyone for your responses. I did have a meeting with the president of the university and they basically stated they thought I was over exaggerating the issue. They even offered me mental health assistance if I needed it. How kind of them! I am just very frustrated about all of this. But I know since I have one semester left it is best for me to be quiet and complete.
  4. rambleandwrite

    Student Bullying

    Thank you for your response. Yes, I did provide the school with the police report. They just don't seem to be taking this seriously. Most schools would have expelled the individual. What concerns me now is the perceived threat from the school (I may not finish) if I continue to tell people about my situation. I thought of going to the nursing board but my friends tell me to be quiet, get my degree and then file a grievance. I have waited all these years to complete and it just sickens me the response of the school.
  5. rambleandwrite

    Student Bullying

    I have a question...how to deal with student bullying. I am an older student and have over 20 years as an LPN. I have encountered a problem at the school I am attending to finish my BSN/MSN. One day I made the comment that I didn't feel that one of my fellow students behaviors were professional. Well, low and behold this person turned around and threatened "to kill me". At first I ignored it but then I found out by other students that they were inquiring where I lived and that they bragged about having a concealed weapon. Now that got my blood moving....I went to the Dean and complained about this person's behaviour. To this date the school has done nothing about it. I did go to the local police department to file a complaint...just in case. Well, this person is still saying unethical things about me to my fellow students. I have had no interaction with this person since the first event. I was recently called in by the Dean saying she heard rumors that I was telling people outside the school about my situation. They then said that if I didn't stop I may not be able to finish the program. I am upset by their stance. I was again expressed my frustration with this issue and was once again told it wasn't a big deal. I know in a working environment this type of behavior would not be tolerated. What do I do now? I have one semester left to finish the BSN and then 3 semesters left for the MSN. Any suggestions out there?
  6. rambleandwrite

    $100,000 in student loan debt?

    Unfortunetly I am one of the individuals who will owe close to 90,000 when I get done with my BSN in Nevada. To pay it off, I have applied to go active duty with the Army for three years. I am just waiting to hear back from them at this point. I would have to say for my money I didn't get what I paid for....