Medical Waiver Wait time

  1. Hello, I'm awaiting word on a medical waiver submitted approximately 4 months ago. Just curious as to whether or not the length in wait time is indicative of a positive or negative result. Seems like a no, if that were to be the answer, wouldn't this that long. I am seeking a Direct Commission for 66S on the Reserve's side. It is up the Chain of Command to the USAREC Command Surgeon. Is that an indication of things? Appreciate the responses in advance. Thanks
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  3. by   jeckrn
    It all depends on what the waiver is for and the number of waivers they are processing.
  4. by   Pixie.RN
    I have found that where the military is concerned, length of time for a response does not really correlate to a positive or negative; things just take as long as they take. Lol. Have you checked with your recruiter?
  5. by   Mbabs84
    I have not. I do not want to come off as annoying or a burden. You've basically echoed what all of the forums and what my research has shown. But you never know if maybe some has had or has heard of a similar situation. I guess I'll have to let the process be as it may. I was just hoping they didn't shred my paperwork and forgot about me. Side note: when/if, God willing, I am approved what is the process from there? Thanks Pixie.RN and jeckrn.
  6. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from Mbabs84
    I have not. I do not want to come off as annoying or a burden.
    I would put those feelings aside and contact your recruiter for a status update. It doesn't make you annoying or a burden! Your recruiter's mission is to recruit, and this is part of his/her job.
  7. by   NDnurse84
    I agree with Pixie.RN. I am always contacting my recruiter asking questions.(Im prior enlisted seeking active duty DA when Im finished with my BSN & credentials.) The last thing you will be to them is a burden, thats the situation in my case anyway. When I was prior enlisted I worked in the departmental office on both sea and shore duty, I frequently routed up paperwork t/o the COC, unless something was extremely detailed it usually didnt take four months to route waivers, maybe four weeks.
  8. by   Pixie.RN
    Yep, and sometimes things get "lost" in transit. Back in 2010 it was taking forever to get my ER/trauma nurse identifier approved. I didn't want to "bother" my recruiter, but I finally asked. My recruiter looked into it and my identifier info had been either misplaced or not actually seen by the person who had to approve it. After that, my ER/trauma identifier was approved very quickly.

    Good luck!!
  9. by   anchorRN
    Definitely f/u with recruiter. I just got out of the Navy's Nurse Corps after 6 years. I wouldn't be surprised at all if a) it never got routed to the correct person, or b) if it did, it was lost or misplaced. Four months is a long time to wait and as PixieRN said sometimes things can take that long. When I put in my early resignation it took around 7 months to get approved.
  10. by   Mbabs84
    anchorRN, thanks for the reply and your service. I've been told that sometimes, maybe due to the fiscal year cycle, the waiver comes after being boarded. is this something that you've heard of? That is the only theory I've come across that would validate a wait time of now in excess of 4 months. The avenue by which it made its was to USAREC (believed to be the waiver authority) seemed pretty streamlined so I have to think getting lost would be as prevalent. But who knows. Thanks in advance for your time.
  11. by   Pixie.RN
    Quote from Mbabs84
    I've been told that sometimes, maybe due to the fiscal year cycle, the waiver comes after being boarded. is this something that you've heard of?
    No. Your packet will not go forward without the waiver in place, it will fail pre-submission checks done at a few levels in USAREC.
  12. by   Mbabs84
    alright well then based on that, the fact that I was told it was at USAREC means nothing more than its being evaluated for approval/denial?The length in time this is what is perplexing to me. Seems like a "no" would be an easy, quick response and not take 4+ months to hand down. This October board FY18 has nothing to do with the duration of my wait time either? Thanks Mike
  13. by   anchorRN
    Just call and ask about it lol. Don't assume the worst.
  14. by   Mbabs84
    I did shoot an email off last week. waiting to hear back. appreciate the help. thanks