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I am (hopefully) going to be attending the July 09 OBLC course at FSH. Is anyone else going during this time. I would love to know someone prior to going. I am prior service Army as a LPN, so this is... Read More

  1. by   joannekuhl
    Hopeful thanks the link worked. I have made my flight reservations but am a little confused as if I need to make my hotel arrangements as well. My orders have breaks in the time due to field training. If anyone knows please post. I am not prior service so the codes on the orders are confusing. Thanks everyone for any and all help. If anyone else is going let me know !! Thanks Littlesiss
  2. by   BallroomRN
    Quote from sistaflavor
    I'll be there in Oct. Although, I'm sad that I can't do gold bar recruiting because the department ran out of money. So now I have to find a job to tide me over until I go. I wish I could be working as an RN before the end of December .

    I feel your pain on the Gold Bar recruiting issue. My region even had a few slots open up before the next fiscal year to take on LTs who were waiting in limbo until october...of course, nurse corps officers didn't qualify for that deal. Oh well.
  3. by   jgcadet
    can a direct commission officer even be a gold bar recruiter? i mean it would kind of weird for a officer with no military experience teaching cadets right?
  4. by   BallroomRN
    I don't think so, now that you mention it. I went through ROTC, so that's different. I know some people from other commisioning routes can do something called " Home-Town Recruiter," which I intend to do between OBLC and PCS