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I just received info from my unit today that we have a mandatory drill this weekend and I do not have all of my uniforms and whatever else is needed and i was told that my unit is in mobilization... Read More

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    Quote from jeckrn

    Speaking as a Mustang I could not agree more, how can you make sure someone is doing something right when you do not know how to do it right. They will respect the rank but not the person if you go in as a know it all. You only get one chance to make the first impression.
    I agree...
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    Dress professionally if you don't have a uniform yet. The unit will understand and won't expect much from you this first time around. Twice per year, every Army unit (Reserve too) have to take the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT). Failing this test can have very negative consequences such as discharge from the service, bar to promotion, bar to "favorable action" including receiving Tuition Assitance, etc. Since you JUST joined the unit, they are not going to expect much and probably will not give you an grief over failing the APFT. Be sure you are ready to pass it next time. I have known officers (in the Reserve) who have been kicked out of the Army for failing APFT. It's not guaranteed that you would be kicked out for failing the APFT--just a possibility as the Army does have the right to do that if they choose.

    Don't sweat the whole thing too much. Life in the Reserve if pretty easy for officers.

    ...Before you head out to drill, just stop and say a prayer thanking God that you're not enlisted. Life is much tougher for enlisted.
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    Quote from AjaxAndronicus

    Cut your carbohydrate intake down, eat protein bars for meals. Eat vegetables and lean meats for dinner. Don't drink alcohol, no soda, no sweets. Take a daily multivitamin. Eat under your daily requirements for caloric intake.

    Run everyother day. If your abet of gym get a trainer, if not find a gym to train and get a trainer. If you do t like gyms google p90x, buy a copy and work it.

    If you do his you will lose weight.

    Keep your head up and don't ever give up.
    Uh...I disagree with some of this. I can speak from experience. When I was in the Army and we trained really hard, if I went even ONE day without running, my run time would slow down. My advice: Run EVERYDAY! Don't concern yourself with running the 2 miles in your minimum run time. To prepare for the APFT run, you should run long distances (not fast). The APFT is 2 miles. Try building up to running 5 miles a day. Trust me...I've done this. When you do, the 2 miles for the APFT will feel like your "warm up" time on your regular run. You will be able to nail your 2 miles well within your time limit. If you REALLY want to cut your run time down, after you've been running 5 miles a day for a few weeks, start using Fartlek Runs. That's where you jog at a decent pace from one marker (e.g. a light pole) to the next, then you SPRINT from that marker (e.g. a light pole) to the next. Repeat this cycle--if you can--for up to a mile. You'll ace your APFT run if you do--you'll ACE IT!! (I'm talking 90+ pts on your run event!)

    Sit ups: If you can't do your minimum, that's your first goal. Do your minimum count of situps DAILY! Even if you have to take a break and finish them later. For example, if you have to do 40. Make sure that you do 40 situps everyday before you get in bed. Even if you have to do 20, rest, 10, rest, 5, rest, 5. Each time, try to do most in one sitting until you can do all 40 at once within your 2 minutes. Then, push yourself daily to do as many situp as you can within 2 minutes.
    NOTE: Once you reach the point that you can do 1/2 your situps all at once, start doing sit ups WITHOUT anything bracing your feet. Just lay on the floor and try to do your situps with not foot brace. That will force your body to use more abdominal muscles and less hip flexor muscles. Eventually, you will do your full set of situps with your feet flat on the floor and nothing holding them. That will enable you to be able to not tire during the APFT situp event and you'll ace your situps too!!

    Push ups: The same instructions as for sit ups.

    I have taken many APFTs in the Army and as a sergeant I have graded quite a few also. Don't waste money on gyms, personal trainers, or special programs. Your APFT will consist of 2 minutes of pushups followed by a 10 minute rest period, 2 minutes of sit ups followed by a 10 minute rest period, and a 2 mile run. You don't need ANY special equipment to perform the APFT and you don't need anything but gym clothes and running shoes to prepare for it.

    Don't eat protein bars for ALL your meals. I like to go with a low-carb, healthy protein (nuts, tuna, egg whites, etc.), low-calorie plan. To prepare for an APFT, I have in the past used something like the Extreme Fat Smash for a maximum of 3 weeks. I would eat 1,000 calories/day or less and run 3 miles or more DAILY. It can be extremely unpleasant at times and I don't recommend it for any longer than 2 or 3 weeks but in the short term, you'll survive with no ill effects and I've lost 6 lbs/week on that plan. Again...for the SHORT TERM ONLY! I wouldn't recommend it for more than 3 weeks, personally.
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    Quote from 79Tango
    I would just show up in PT's and play dumb.. I doubt they are expecting anything more than you being at the right place at the right time. You should be able to contact your first line leader and try to meet them 15min before 1st formation.. Truthfully your first line leader should be making contact with you but don't stress it. Show up a little early and follow the crowd. Maybe bring in some dougnuts on Sunday.
    I agree with ALL of this except the donuts...I'm "iffy" on the donuts. Why? Because bringing donuts will draw attention to you and if you're already overweight and not meeting the Army standard, the enlisted troops are going to see you as a joke...and that's a very hard 1st impression to wash away with enlisted troops.

    You can't go wrong wearing a PT uniform if you don't have ACUs. In fact, IF you do have your PT uniform, you are probably required to wear it. If no one told you this before hand, they should have.
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    Quote from jeckrn
    Speaking as a Mustang I could not agree more, how can you make sure someone is doing something right when you do not know how to do it right. They will respect the rank but not the person if you go in as a know it all. You only get one chance to make the first impression.
    And my husband was always well-liked and respected by his NCOs once they got to know him, because he was never stupid enough to make the mistake of thinking that his college degree and commission meant he knew more than those guys who had been in 15 or 20 years. He respected, learned from, and deferred to their experience and knowledge, and they, in turn, respected and deferred to his rank. Any SMART young officer will follow his example, OP.
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    Question: I am a reservist and new to the reserve. I was active duty years ago. What is the regulation you are citing about having to take a record APFT 90 days after getting to a unit? Sorry but it always helps to have ammunition when dealing with command.