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Hi.. I just wanted to start this Thread so we can know who's attending or planning on attending COT in August. Update: I received a call from my recruiter saying that my finger prints came back... Read More

  1. by   JJTRN
    Just got my MEPS date. What happens after MEPS? How long is the process after meps?
  2. by   jeckrn
    After the MEPS physical you will finish your paperwork and it goes to the board
  3. by   tee_byrd
    Well for me, after MEPS it took me about a yr before I was scheduled to leave for COT.. After MEPS you will meet with a chief nurse and finish your paperwork for boards... After it goes to boards you'll wait fir their response as to if you accepted or not. If accepted you'll get a COT date if they have one available right away.. For the most part it's rush rush then wait..( you rush to get your paperwork done just to wait for an answer) I hope I was helpful in your question.. If you have other question feel free to ask!!
  4. by   IVyPush-her
    Hey tee bird, is the paper work after MEPS anything like the initial application? Or are you just making sure your application is complete?
  5. by   IVyPush-her
    Quote from OHSUBSN05
    Hey tee bird, is the paper work after MEPS anything like the initial application? Or are you just making sure your application is complete?

    Sorry about the mispell, as soon as I clicked respond I saw my mistake.
  6. by   ERnurse32
    From talking with members from my unit who have already been to COT it depends on who your TI is, one said they didn't do much PT after the first week or so and the other one said they did PT the whole time.
  7. by   LuluB
    Just wondering..I haven't inprocessed yet..I will next is everyone finding out about their COT dates?? Are most of you AD? Thanks!
  8. by   JJTRN
    TEE Bird,
    Thanks for the reply. I am thankful for sites like this. It has helped alot to know other's stories. It seems all I hear is "hear-say" from everyone I speak with. So far, just waiting for the next step with MEPS results and submission of paper work to the board. It seems that I have been hurrying just to wait and wait and wait.
    Now I know I am not the only one.
    Anyway, Thanks again for your reply
  9. by   JJTRN
    I plan on being AD. If all goes the way I am planning, I will choose my 4 spots and get one of my picks. ( Hopefully Eglin, FL )
  10. by   tee_byrd
    Hey JJTRN: Sorry it took so long to respond but apparently with the military when applying, it's all rush rush then the waiting game begins. My best advice is to try and get any and everything they send you or ask you to do in a timely manner because after your paperwork goes to boards you'll have to wait on a response from them if your accepted or not. then you'll have to wait again for a COT date. I hope all goes well for you. Keep me posted and feel free to ask me any questions.
  11. by   tee_byrd
    Lulub: we get COT dates based on availability/slot at COT. Some people get their dates as soon as their accepted while others wait months for a COT date. I hope I helped answering your question but feel free to ask me anything and I'll answer if I know:-)
  12. by   tee_byrd
    Ohsubsn05: sorry for the late response.. the paperwork was just the initial paperwork and essay we need to fill out/do.
  13. by   danegerous
    I just found out today that I was accepted...I forgot I had applied, haha, it was in mid-2009. Holy cow! Critical Care, none the less! Woohoo!!! FINALLY!!!